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So, Deltarune ch 2 is dropping

| Who's ready for Sans knowing ur mom more than your dad?

| I can't way for more gay gay homosexual gay Susie

| I already downloaded it, and I'm ready to continue this amazing adventure.

| I just want to buy the full game

| Time to wait 5 more years for chapters 3/4/5 now

| I downloaded, but had to go to work. Really looking forward to playing it tonight.

| I'm going to eat so much chalk, ny'all g/u/rls don't even know.

| Downloaded, replayed ch1 and ch2 unironically feels just bad. O don't like this.

| >>788679 wait what? I've been playing for a few hours and I think it's even better than the first chapter.
Looks more polished and creative!

| So uhhh can anyone confirm if transferring your ch1 saves actually does anything meaningful?

| >>788696
It does. I don't want to spoil what, but it's very much worth it to transfer the save file. Like, genuinely. I didn't expect it to matter other than a bit of meta, but now I'm really glad I did.

I 100% agree with you! I finished it, and, holy shit. This game is turning out to be a banger. I really didn't expect that, at all. I thought it was gonna be at least decent, but this shit slaps. Like, damn.

| I'm >>aad30a and I just finished it too!
I have to say, that the "secret boss" equivalent to Jevil, in chapter 2, it's fricking awesome.
Fear, familiarity, frustration, and curiosity, all emotions I felt through the battle.
In my opinion, it's better than the Jevil Fight.

| >>788830
Damn. You've got me wanting to go back through and fight it now.

| >>788857 hahaha I'm glad I used well my words, because you really should try the secret fight!

| >>788910
I'll probably wait until chapter 3-5 drops tbh. I didn't do Jevil either, so I might just go through and do every secret boss and stuff when it's a full game.
But, because of you I might do it earlier.

| >>788915 Ok! Fair enough lol

| haven't played it but I have listened to the OST. I don't like it, 90% of the OST lost the original vibes from ch1 and Undertale, and some tracks are literally nostalgia bait, like "hey you played Undertale? remember this then!"

The only song you can consider to be a banger sounds like a bad Sonic Rush or Jet Set Radio medley attempt, and really short.

Idk ch2 ost sounds pretty generic and forgettable, I hope this isn't the case for the rest of the game.

| >>788998
Maybe because the OST is meant to go with the game. Like, the tracks are super good and super fitting for the situations and areas they're played in. So you might like it more in the actual game. At least I did. We might just have different taste.

| >>789000 whether it fits or not with the game is not what I meant, the thing is, it stopped having the Toby Fox feeling and uniquess that Ch1 and Undertale had.
Makes sense that it sounds different because there is a new composer whose only work I liked was Pigstep (and probably her only song that is not emotional or ambiental)

This ost may fit within how ch2 turns out to be. But it doesn't fit alongside the previous osts. Like Terraria Otherworld's ost has zero Terraria vibes.

| Wow great just when undertalefags had finally shut the fuck up...

| >>789127 overtail snas

| >>789126
Hmm. I kinda get that, but, idk. I liked it. Felt like it for with Toby's other stuff. I do also really love Lena Raine's music, and I also didn't know she made it until the credits rolled after I finished it, so, I didn't really think about it.
But, yeah. I get it, but I don't feel the same way.

| >>789126
Look up Lena Raine's work on Hackmud.

| Lena Reine the music of Celeste! She is an amazing musician! And I love her music!

| >>789127 this tbh

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