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Dating sims

| Any one of you g/u/rls have any dating sim recommendations?doesnt need to be lewd
preferably on steam.

| Not on Steam, but LovePlus is the best of the best, hands down.

| I thought this thread was about dating your Sims crestions

| Tales of Abyss

| Degree of lewdity

| Most FF games

| Katawa Shoujo. Really, it's beautiful and heartbreaking. I truly recommend it.

| Have you looked at Boyfriend Dungeon? Hot swords, great dates, mediocre-but-solid-enough combat.

| >>788569 Sims is one of the best dating simulators (yeah, I said it, that's how low dating simulator standards are)... but you can totally play in any way so. And then mods.

And about "Dating your Sims" people talk about that around Loverslab (+18 modding for major games)

| Camp Buddy.

| Used to be into dating sims but idk what's good anymore. Last thing I played is Summer Memories, was good but it's all incest shota eroge stuff so not for everyone.

Honestly would love to hear what's been popular lately eroge or not

| >>788570
Really? I thought the Tales games were jrpgs. But then again the InuYasha PS2 rpg had dating aspects between missions. Was pretty fun desu.

| >>789738 it is just JRPG, I beat Tales of Abyss and I don't even remember it has multiple routes/ending.

There are, however, JRPGs that are leaning towards dating sims more than that, namely AR Tonelico. It's a normal turn based RPG, with multiple route, multiple endings, and you can strenghten the characters by diving into their mind and knowing the girl better.

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