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Mario World vs Mario Bros 3

| Both are wonderful, but I feel like Mario Bros 3 don't receive the love it deserves, it's just as good or maybe better than world, so why it never got as much atention as world?

| I'm getting some serious deja vu from this thread.

| >>788558 I made a retro (General) thread before, we got into this subject very quickly but I wanted to make a thread just for it.

| OP asking the real questions here, damn... I think World got more attention simply because it had the new-hardware advantage. If you asked me which I preferred, I'd say 3.

| World was better designed because it's a sequel (back when sequels tried to be improved versions and not just alternative versions) and a better engine, SM3 got upgraded to Snes and GBA removing all the Nes engine bullshit.

But SM3 gets the same or even more attention than World very often, content creators always put this game as an example of games they love (and many art referencces). People just play World ignoring 80% of it. And it's often overshadowed by Donkey Kong Country.

| This is even the case from Nintendo itself. New Super Mario Bros series are very very inspired by SM3 and carries content from it. Even 3D Land and 3D World. Even Galaxy and Mario Kart.

But World... unless you count mounting Yoshi the only love it gets from Nintendo, it's from Smash, 1 attack and 1 stage (technically 2 if you count the Mario Maker one which also includes SM3)

I'll say the only attention World gets it's from its hackroms, as it's easier to hack than SM3.

| >>788657 I disagree, New Super Mario Bros feel a lot like the classic Mario Bros, even the castle and the the flag, level design, I feel very little from SM3. Content creators may praise it, cuz it is a masterpiece but, no sure if they are a good example here, they supposed to be especialists of sorts. And if you check the sales numbers you will see that World sold more, even than All Stars, even normies non gamer crowd played and loved World, not a bad game but not as good as SM3

| >>788615 But I agree with you, it came out as the Highlight of the snes, so I guess that was the point, first game a lot of people played in one of the most successful and briliant generation of consoles we had, which makes me sad to remember and think of what Nintendo has become. I still hate Nintendo but, I love their IPs, and Nostalgia was strong enough to make me buy an snes mini, I don't regret that at all, I haven't homebrew it, not sure if should, but Nintendo deserve piracy

| >>788780 world map, airships, the koopalings, secret paths for secret goals, world map enemies, minigame shops... It's more like a sequel to both SM1 and SM3.

You are wrong about the sales:
SM3: (Nes, Snes, Gba)
18,000,000 + 10,550,000 + 5,430,000
SMW: (Snes, Gba)
20,610,000 + 5,690,000.
There is a considerable disavantage for Super Mario World here. Let's not forget that the NES was one of the most sold consoles (of course including normies) before the Wii.

| Yeah, in the 80s there were normies too, and many people may know about SM3 even if they don't remember the title itself.
If you consider people around you prefer SMW even when SM3 got more sales... that should give you an answer to this whole thread... But saying SM3 is underrated to SMW is like saying ALLTP is underrated to OOT. it isn't. It's just that it's playerbase is older and probably not in touch with younger players.

| >>789128 Not sure where you based those numbers: https://nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_best-selling_Mario_games

Here says: Snes World 20M vs All Stars 10M (Even though all stars are 4 games in one)

World in Gba was: 5.69M Vs Bros3 that was 5.43M

I don't think it is fair to just add the NES version of the Bros 3, cuz it went out on more plataforms, but I saw that it sold 17M, and I personaly say that even normies play it, cuz is the only one game I ever see them saying that

| >>789132 Well Nes sold more than Snes, but I am not that old to have taken the temperature of that day and age, but even so when interacting with folks that were, ans when they spoke about it, even they spoke about "Mario World" also if, considering that 49M Snes where sold Worldwide, and nearly 62M WW Nes were sold, I would also say based in proportions World sold more. I know the numbers you should are mostly the same, but I prefered to show were I got mine, and explained the...

| >>789132 small differences. Now about the New Super Series, I disagree, the world map is interconected, not the case in the Bros 3, Bros 3 did not had a Star World (Not complaining this one had) Bros 3 was mostly about varied power ups, the alternate/secret exits with secret paths were a World thing, most of the power ups are flying suits and fire flower, also more of a World thing as well, enemies are a quite vague, cuz a lot of them are always the same in a way...

| >>789132 So I would say the New Super series are more like a classic bros, with some touches and nods from World and Bros 3, but mostly Bros again. But I guess, that being at launch in the Snes and even coming with the console, plus rom hacking being easier, gave the advantage, is what I think.

| >the castle and the the flag
>the world map is interconected, not the case in the Bros 3
What kind of nit-picking is this lol?

>the alternate/secret exits with secret paths were a World thing
There were in Super Mario 3 before World, you know?

>most of the power ups are flying suits and fire flower, also more of a World thing as well
Again, these were in Super Mario 3 before they were in World, lol.

Have you even played Super Mario 3?

| >>789145

Oh shit, it's Midia-kun. I'm getting the hell out of here~

| >>789161 I meant that the Bros 3 Had more of a power ups in numbers thingy, where as World kept itself with flying item and fire flower. Alternate exits? There is like what? 2 in the World 1 where you get the flute and so what? I wouldn't call it nit picking, most just looking at the details but, ok, you do you, no need to go hostile, midia fearing gurl. Why are you scared of midia?

| >>789145 Wikipedia, and you literally repeated the numbers I wrote but rounded. I don't understand why are you trying to say SMB3 is less popular than it actually is. More people played SMB3, get over it already. NES is as valid as SNES and GBA.

>>789146 Why do you consider console proportion? If you sell 1 console to 1 person alongside 1 game, does it make the game the most popular game ever made?

| >>789183
>I wouldn't call it nit picking
Going "THE MAP IS INTERCONNECTED SO IT DOESN'T COUNT" is nitpicky as fuck, dude. Don't embarrass yourself.

> There is like what? 2 in the World 1 where you get the flute and so what?
There are *way* more alternative exits in SMB3, bro. Like the music box room in World 5-1, the cloud room in 3-7, the tanoki room in 4-5 etc etc.

Don't drag this out any more. Literally everything you say is objectively wrong.

| >>789183
Also, I'm not acting hostile. That's a notion that *you* always tend to make up in your head whenever someone corrects you. It's ridicilous and you'll do yourself a favor by getting over it.

| >>789410 You don't even know me pal, the fuck? This is just a game discussion thread, so bloody angry for something so meaningless, this place has truly become 4chan, it used to be much cleaner years ago. Gosh, so touchy for no reason whatsoever.

| *clears throat*
Sonic was objectively the superior platforming game. This argument is moot and everyone in this thread should buy a Genesis.

| >>789415 I agree Genesis had some good stufd, but I believe snes was better overall.

| >>789412
>so bloody angry for something so meaningless
You're still making up all the hostility in your own head, buddy. The only one who is emotional in this thread is *you*.

| >>789415
You mean the MegaDrive? Yeah, look at how hostile I am. Come on let's have a 250+ post inane Internet fight!

| >>789415
Honestly though I still play Gain Ground on my Genisis/MegaDrive to this day.

| >>789419 Yeah, buddy, believe in whatever you want, I don't care.

| >>789424
You obviously care though...

| >>789426 Hahahahahahaha Okay, if you want to believe that as well it's up to you, but thanks I had a good laugh.

| >>789427
You can prove me wrong by letting go of the convo...

| >>789428 Hahahahah finaly we agree on something, no pointing being the same place as you, but thanks I was on my break and bored, had good laughs because of you, I will go play something with the rest of my free time. Be well.

| >>789432

| trans·par·ent (trăns-pâr′ənt, -păr′-)

a. Easily seen through or detected; obvious: transparent excuses.

| Haven't played either. But Mario Odyssey >>>>

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