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| Anyone here play it? A couple of my friends got me into it a couple weeks ago and I'm having a good time.

| Rip

| >>788491 I do, been playing for a few years now, I dislike the grind but I love the series.

| grinded for 300 gachas, got absolutely nothing
quitted and now i am a better human being

| I enjoyed it for nearly 2 years 3 years ago and had to quit it. It was pretty great even considering I only got 2 5 stars over all that time. Wouldn't start it again now though.

| I like type moon, I hate the game. Me no play game if game is not fun to play. Your funny 2D drawings do not tempt me enough to sacrifice my soul.
Regardless of that, Shuten Douji is everything I could ever hope for and more. Which only goes to prove you don't need to play the game to have your favourite waifu. Just download her jpeg. Or buy a figurine and face the 80% chance of regretting the purchase after you realise it's just sitting there collecting dust.

| >>788792 >face the 80% chance of regretting the purchase after you realise it's just sitting there collecting dust.
At least it's not collecting glue.

| >>788792 But the image don't have voice acting, and interactions... (Shuten Douji shitty waifu btw, you should be like me, and choose a superior one, like Semiramis)

| Only FGO you should play is eraFGO

| >>788946 ?

| >>788549 You truly have become beautiful

| >>788812 If you want to sit there and tap on a jpeg on your phone to hear voicelines you may want to reconsider your life choices my friend.

| >>789041 I'm in a obscure textboard based on a visual novel, with cyberpunk themes and an animeish art style, talking crap about a money grabber mobile game, that is more than enough reason for me to reconsider my life choices, I would go even further saying it's reasom to reconsider living at all.

| Worst gacha of all time. Terrible rates for everything. So obviously I don't play it.

| >>788946 Era games are text based game in which you can do naughty things. I know one about fate universe exist, no idea if there's one that's specific for FGO.

Regarding FGO gacha, I dropped it after 3 months. You need to save months for a decent chance for a 5 stars, other PNG gacha nowadays has way better rate than that. Some even give you easy SSR and make money by selling the skins.

If you are a maso and don't mind bad gacha rate, then genshin has better gameplay.

| OP here, it seems like a lot of the complaints in this thread are about drop rates. I'm having fun just playing through the game with whatever I get and figuring out the best ways to take on challenges with the combinations of servants and supports available to me. Right now I'm working my way through what friends have hyped up as the game's big difficulty spike, and even here I'm occasionally bringing 1-3 star units into boss fights to try out different strategies.

| Haven't felt the desire to spend a cent as of yet, plus the game gives me something else I can chat about with my friends that play it :)

| >>789581 good for you if you are enjoying the game for free. But others obviously didn't.

It's like going to a pizza place and getting served garlic bread or cheese sticks instead. If you like the garlic bread, then good. But the place is obviously built to serve pizza, known for it's good pizza and people who visit would want pizza in their table.

| I feel like thats a pretty flawed metaphor, anon. More like a pizza place that offers all the cheese pizza you can eat for free, with the option to pay money for a random assortment of side dishes and toppings. Maybe you'll get the tasty toppings you're hoping for, maybe you'll get black olives and a tiny bag of parmesan flavored cheese dust. I'm just enjoying the cheese pizza and was promised nothing else.

| Maybe for you, but with games like Genshin existing. Reasons left for new players to start picking up FGO in 2021 are:

- Love Fate Universe/Character
- Prefer turn based system
- Less free time (since you can't auto play genshin)
- Hate Chinese Game

Other than that, arguments that you use to justify FGO, can also be used to justify playing Genshin; A newer, more modern, (arguably) more engaging and more popular game

| Now, before gurls calling me genshin shill, I also think genshin has terrible rate. And I like fate lore more than what genshin has to offer.

| >>789733 Silence, Genshin shill. Honkai Impact is the superior gacha, both combat and lore-wise

| Anything positive about FGO or Genshin disgust me

| >>789758 haven't tried honkai, all I know, it is more generous than genshin and the bunny girl autism.

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