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Fall guys will be soon f2p

| My friend often when he is going to buy some game, it will later become f2p... yesterday he bought fall guys, in 6 months we can expect fall guys f2p xd

| Good, because the game will be dead in 6 months

| I think it's not a magical ability.
Your friend just has terrible taste and enjoys buying crappy games that are dying.

| It needs to be, not paying for that mobile game

| Don't care. I got it for free on PS+ anyway.

| I hope so, I've been wanting to play fall guys since its release!
But of course, I'm poor and I'm not buying a game when I have a lot of f2p games like TF2

| It better does, or it will die

| >>788496
Fall guys were fun and fresh

| >>788791 I never said the opposite. I said it was a crappy game.

| Honestly it was kind of joke, but for example cs:go, sw: bf 2, AC 3, BF V are games what was bought by my friend, and later they did become free. And recently he bought fall guys xd my personal guess is that game will really become f2p, just is question when. I think that anytime in 2022 sounds realistic

| >>788974 I hope your prophecy is true! I want to play it too! Lol

| I still play Fall Guys and get laughed at for it, but it really be so fucking fun nowadays with all the new minigames and remixes of old ones

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This thread is permanently archived