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| I met people who think the gameplay of automata is crap and don't want touch those games and I can't wrap my head around that. Maybe it's a taste thing but feels like conterian bullshit.

| If you get into any of the NieR/Drakengard games expecting good "gameplay", boy are you in for a rude awakening

| It's not contrarian bullshit. It's called having an opinion. I find Nier series to be boring as well. I'm not a fan of character designs of the series, nor do I like the combat in general. Not everyone has to like the same things as you.

| There's a difference between objective and subjective viewpoints. Objectively, the gameplay of Drakengard and Nier is fine. It isn't anything amazing or special (though the boss fights in Nier tended to be unique), but they aren't bad in any way. Subjectively, anyone can like or dislike any aspect of them.

| Especially with people looking at titles designed in the style of earlier eras of gaming, you'll always see people that mistake understanding levels of quality for the time as being nostalgic, or wearing rose-tinted glasses. Drakengard was an average game. Drakengard 2 made good improvements. 3 was still fairly average. Nier was good. Automata was great.

None of them were terrible, but it wasn't until Automata that they hit a point where they were generally acclaimed.

| It isn't hard to see why people might dislike any of the first four games. They were unpolished, and mediocre in many ways. It was small visual and lore touches that made them appreciated, and that's always subjective. Automata was polished, in-depth enough with gameplay to satisfy your average action gamer (that isn't looking for something even approaching DMC), and had a more than unique story. Sometimes none of what it offers appeals to people, and that's fine.

| But if someone looks at any game that isn't truly awful and dismisses it as factual crap, that's a failure on their part.

| Automata is an absolutely amazing game and one of my favorites for sure. But... Definitely not for the gameplay. You just spam perfect dodge, and one same combo, maybe two at most, over and over. Rinse and repeat. Maybe get an occasional shmup section to break things up a bit, 9S route was a bit better in that regard.

| i feel like the problem is that a lot of people just stick to what works for them without exploring the combat system fully. i know a lot of people who only did one run of DMC5 cuz they thought the combat was shallow cuz they just used the two things that carried em through normal difficulty. main problem is that automata doesn't force you to explore the possibilities of its combat system. for example, one friend o mine just shot bosses from the distance. boring but effective

| Older games I can understand but debate was over automata mostly.

| I didn't like any of the previous Nier games. And the whole Robot segment at the beginning of Automata turned me off so I just moved on and sold off the game so I can't fully comment on Automata. But I definitely did not like the previous games in the series much.

DMC5 is one of the best DMC games imo on the other hand. It has 3 distinct style of play for the 3 characters and in the harder modes you cannot just blindly spam combos to win.

| Well, I don't usually play action games, but Automata managed to draw mr in. From what I can tell, the animation is fluid, nice customizable fight styles, and satisfying dodges.

The plot is excellent and made me want to try the older games. I actually want back/emulated, and beat drakengard 1&2. It felt like a clunkier dynasty warrior games with weird plot. The dragon riding part is the best thing about it.

| Haven't played Automata but looking forward to it. The first Nier (japanese version) was really fun; a bit boring but I could relax in the world. Felt like an action Ico game. Eventually I'd like to play Drakenguard games

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I agree, theres some dude on twitter that throws 20 second clips of really amazing combos in videogames that he pulls off, and it revealed mechanics and combos in the game i never thought of. Probably a nice incentive for replayability. Ill drop the name if i find it.

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