I finished No More Heroes 3 and...

| I can't really say I enjoyed it to be honest, I liked the minigames a lot, but, I feel for the quantity of side conntent there is, there's so fucking little main one, like, Jesus fucking Christ, how come No More Heroes 2 has more boss fights than 3 and not even counting the fact they made Shinobu and Henry playable in that, I'm not asking for more characters, just more battles... I think a whole fucking lot of the aliens deserved better than to just be replaced tbh...

| Even with the whole it being a series thing it made more sense to keep Henry/Kimmy/Destroyman as separate chapters from the aliens on the rankings, and the fact Fu just deadass kills one of them is fucking stupid, like, holy shit, I just don't understand, No More Heroes 3 in one side feels like Suda trying to make the series go on and on and the other just feels like him dropping the ball so hard because he's so sick of him

| Cool story bro

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