Just saw a copy of Stadium Events, in-person

| The closest I may come to a religious experience; New game store opened in town, so I went to check it out. The store used to be a bank, so they turned the vault into a display room for their rarest games and hardware. Framed on the wall were some real gems, but in the middle was the diamond: an original NES cartridge of Stadium Events. Had to do a double-take, ask if it was real. Holy shit.


| What even is Stadium Events, g/u/rl?

| Look it up. In short, it's one of the rarest games in the world. Just a cart would cost you about ten grand

| I mean, like, the rarity and stuff of it is cool, but, like, who the fuck wants to play that game? Like, I get that it's rare, but is that the only reason the game has those insane prices? Is it a fun game?

| It's not very fun at al honestly. I have one of those grey cheap copies and it's just super Mario with a timer, a racing game and some third sports game I can't even remember.

| The golden cartridges are rare and very sought after because they were supposed to be used as a price for some big official gaming tournament or something. I think they only made like 10 examples or something?

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Yeah, that's what it thought. That's why I don't really get it. Like, a nerd collectible like Black Lotus makes sense, because it's usable and stuff. But this game is one that I've just never understood.
Still cool though, to see a collectible like that in person and all. It's just so strange that it became a collectible.

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That's the Nintendo World Championship cartridge. Stadium Events was a sports game with a DDR-style mat. Nintendo bought the rights and republished it under a different name immediately after it was released, making the original print the rare one.

| Which would also be amazing to see. I don't care to play either, but these things are appreciated (to me, anyway) like artifacts in a museum. Interesting and unique pieces of history.

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Aha, I see. My bad.

I wonder how you do long-jump and triple-jump on a DDR-style mat anyway lol.

| >>787394 Just yeet yourself through the TV, your imagination will take the reigns from there XD

| I guess it's natural instinct to meet yourself whenever you long jump in a fitness game isn't it? How many fucking people didn't jump off their Wii Balance Board? I can already see at least 10 CRT's fucked up by someone jumping into the tv

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