Witcher 3 rank

| Want to know if this game cool, just start playing

| You can have sex in the game. Sex is awesome.

| I didn't enjoy it until I tried the Blood and Wine DLC, but afterward can confirm, game's amazing

| If you're searching for a game wirh a good story and world building, this is a must.
If you're searching for a game with fun and interesting fights, then pick another one, because combat is boring as all hell.

| >>787128
I upped the game to the hardest difficulty and intentionally gimped my skill tree to make the combat semi-interesting.

The rest of the game is pure filtered awesomeness though. Too bad the combat is so lame.

| >>787204
I did the opposite because I really
cannot be bothered with the combat. It's just not very fun, isn't it

| >>787204 is right. The combat is LAME af but the World building and the characters make the game. If you enjoy narrative, then the game is for you. The side quests are incredible.

For the combat, difficulty wasn't the problem for me. But rather the lack of innovation and any form of uniqueness. It's just use Quen, dodge, attack. Maybe use some potions/oil in between, even in Death March. So if you want good combat and don't care much about narrative, skip it.

| It's pretty and interesting. Fun, but repetitive gameplay-wise. Avoid quen and dodge-rolling all the time, try to use your full arsenal instead of focusing. You really just need to hit things with a stick to win, everything else is flavor. Don't be fulled by an "open world", it's more of a wide corridor. Breaking walls and trying to kill over-leveled monsters is never worth it - although go for it if you want.
And most importantly - buy it at a discount. You'll have a good time.

| TW3 is always on discount on Steam. In my country it's SOOO cheap (it's less than 5 USD).

There's no point in using anything else other than Quen and dodge rolling. Ignii and Aard are completely useless spells. Ignii is a tad useful against wolves but even then it's horrid. Axii is useful against shielded enemies, Yrden is a must use against Wraiths but that's it, very niche usability.

| >>787638 Also about over levelled monsters. That's why TW3 has a proper progression route. You don't explore everything from the beginning. You've to progress in a proper way. You gotta avoid many areas most of the times until you're of proper levels. Think of the game as having numerous episodes. The Nocturnia+Haeravon Walkthrough on gamefaq has the proper progression route laid out if you want a reference TC.

| Masterfuckingpiece through and through a must just because.

| >>787679 It's a great game, one of the most fleshed out game in terms of storytelling. But masterpiece? Nah, that's a stretch. The mediocre combat and some parts of it being a checkpoint chase (Skellige water area is the biggest example where you just go from one treasure point to another) game keeps it from being a true masterpiece. If it had polished combat and if they made some parts of the map smaller but with more fleshed out world it would've been a masterpiece.

| Compare the lore rich areas of Skellige to the barren sea with treasure, you'll see the flaw immediately.

| >>787845 I disagree a lot but ok.

| >>787871 Alright then, you do you.

| >>788083 What?! What you mean you are going to stand there, with a civilized behaviour after I disagreed with you?! I mean, g/u/rl, this is the internet, you should be offending my entire bloodline by now. #dissappointed.

| >>788200 loool I do not have the energy to argue besides I respect opinion. Not everyone has to like the same thing.

| >>788319 Noooooooo you are doing this wrong. Hahahahah jokes aside we don't have to agree on everything, let's all just enjoy things.

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