Emulating rail shooters

| Let me explain, I was wondering if there is any good way of emulating, games like House of the dead from Dreamcast and all but, I wanted to use those pistols for shooting and everything, not sure if it will work out well on the pc, I like playing my emulator on a android box in my tv, maybe there is something similar I can do? I know I could also homebrew and emulate an Wii/WiiU but what can I do on those?

| It really depends on what you can find for lightgun support, with a few factors to consider. Emulating the game itself isn't an issue: it's the controller and its functionality.

| . The display. If you're using a CRT to output your video to, you may have luck with controllers intended to run on hardware from 6th Gen consoles and earlier. If you're using anything else, look into support for lightguns designed for the PS3.

| Next up, you'd need to find a method of connecting said controller to your device. An adapter to change it to USB input should be all you need to start. However, finding an emulator that supports lightgun functionality is a matter that would take specific research.

| As far as I'm aware, there isn't a way to do it on anything other than a CRT, purely because of how these games were designed in the first place. Pairing in emulation support and controller support on devices other than the old hardware... Not sure if it can be done fully through emulation.

| Wii/WiiU emulation could be your best bet. The homebrew scene supports emulaters for everything older than it is. If it can detect the Wiimote's sensor and translate it to effectively be considered a mouse cursor, you might succeed. In theory, at least.

| >>364aa7 Yes, you are 100% right and understood precisely what I meant, even the details, that being said, do you have any tips or ideas of what I could do?

| Ops took to long to post my questions, sorry.

| One last bit: look into the Sinden Lightgun. It's designed to make a lightgun work as a mouse. I believe it takes some work to pair it with an emulator, but it can be done if you can find a guide

| As a wrap-up:
CRT: Find old lightguns (PS1 or DC, probably), and a way to connect it.
LCD: Find new lightguns (Sinden or PS3), and ways to connect it.
Wii/U: homebrew that bitch.
Find an emulator with some level of support. Several have some kind of functionality, but to what extent... I don't know.

Past that, this is a project that will have a fair bit of trial and error, and some routes may still be dead ends. All the same, I wish you luck~

| Alternatively, if you have a CRT: Look into getting an actual Dreamcast with lightgun, and see about modding it to run burnt discs. That would be, by far, the most reliable method.

| Small thrift stpres may still carry CRT's for cheap, since it costs them money to dispose of them

| And hey, if you do get it to work, let us know. I'll toss a heap of recommendations in for other consoles if you get it to work on emulators

| CRT are those old televisions right? I was planing to try it out with a homebrewed wii and a zap gun, I guess it is the most cheap easy and well thought, and I believe the emulators for it would have that in mind, cuz if I remember it correctly Wii have a native support for some emulators, so something like yoshi safary is a given for sure, I am not sure but I believe retroarch had some options for light gun and stuff but I gotta check that again.

| I got recently into a new gig, I'm still solving my financial affairs and buying some stuff, but I believe next month or the one after I may buy a homebrewed/modded wii and try that one out, I usually keep an eye out in some stores I will see how it goes, depending on my success/how it goes I'll make another post talking about it or asking for help.

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