Rumors of a September Direct

| There seems to be rumors of another Nintendo Direct on the horizon. This seems credible considering that for the past few years Nintendo has been having major directs in September.

| My prediction is that Nintendo will self destruct in this next direct

| Pokemon Stuff. It's what's gonna happen. The game release is in Nov and we have minimal details on it till now.

| >>786674
Wasn't there a Pokemon direct like VERY recently? Though we mostly got info on Legends there I think.

| >>786684 Yes. But they usually reveal plethora of gameplay clips 2-3 months before release and since it's jsut 2 months away. It's the right moment for them to reveal new content. Like back in X/Y they revealed the Megas and all 2-3 months before release. They did the same with ORAS. And they released a bunch of gameplay clips and new Pokemon reveals for SM around the same time.

| Oh hey, I predict this friday will be friday!


| >>786726 she knows too much, shut it down

| I just want Bayonetta 3 news


| We might also get BotW news if there's one. Plus Monster Hunter Rise news (maybe expansion news? Although that's LIKELY to be during the E3 next year with the release around Sept-Oct 2022). New Xenoblade game too.

| Hey guys, my dad's uncle's cousin works for Nintendo and told me that they are going to announce Mario kart 9, Metroid prime 5, a new 3d Mario, a new fzero, and bayo 3, Splatoon 3, Pokémon, botw 2, will all get new info and release dates. Also cyberpunk 2077, desert bus, spider man, and the Witcher 2 will be ported over. Plus gb and gbc games on the virtual console. Oh and the final smash character is odama from odama

| Sureeeeee.

| maybe it's conspiracy from my side, but i feel that Nintendo maybe could announcement something around pc.. since project zerp / fatal frame is coming ^^


| Would be time to stop caring about what this rip-off company does. It's not 2005 anymore.

| >>787794
(Un)fortunately, their games are still pretty fucking good. As are some 3rd party exclusives on their systems. It's definitely not a healthy relationship, borderline Stockholm syndrome even, but not caring about it is just not an option.

| >>787794 They make good games though. A rip-off company that doesn't make any good first party games is Sony.

| >>787811 >>787841 You mean, they make good remasters? Because at this stage there's not really any new game, and their remasters are just ripoffs as well.

| Directs are cool, but... I'll care about those games when they're cheap.

| >>787929 plenty of upcoming Nintendo games later this year and next year. Splatoon 3, BotW2, Pokemon Legends etc.

| >>787929
Cool story, sis.

Yeah, that. Plus Metroid Dread next month, maybe even Metroid Prime 4 next year, or in 2023 at least. And a new Fire Emblem is hopefully not too far away.
3rd party-wise long-awaited Shin Megami Tensei V is coming out next month, next year starts with Rune Factory 5 releasing in the west and there are rumors of a big Monster Hunter Rise expansion.
Oh, and I guess Bayonetta 3 might happen sooner rather than later.

| Wait, SMTV is actually coming out in November, other than that my point still stands though.

| >>787940 We just gave you multiple names of upcoming games and none are remasters.

Also 2020 and 2021 were great years for Switch exclusives. We got games like ACNH, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Hades (although got ported to PC), Bravely Default II (also got ported to PC last week), etc.

But yes, SMTV is coming in Nov.

| >>787987
Wasn't Stories 2 released simultaneously with PC? And I'm pretty sure Hades came to PC first, especially since it was in Early Access for a while, and ported to Switch some time after full release.

Damn, I am so ready to get SMTV like yesterday, must've been some wishful thinking on my part. Real shame that it's absolutely impossible to preorder the limited edition, it sold out immediately. Even the standard one is pretty hard to get, too.

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