For the g/u/rl that mentioned Radirgy

| Got Radirgy PreciouS imported for PS2, and a physical Switch copy of Swag on preorder. Those games are awesome.

Sex please.

| What name do they go by now?
I played Ragirgy and Karous when they were still called Milestone. The last name I remember was Sakura Falmingo.

| RS34 is the current group. I never played Karous, but Chaos Field was one I had on gamecube for a few years. Never played Radirgy before, until I got it with a japanese PS2 a few years back, along with some Cave games (DDP:Daioujou and Mushihimesama; the latter being my favorite schmup)

| Patiently waiting on Swag; Dispatch Games had preorders open for the limited edition, but they went radio silent (heh) for a while. Hoping to play it within the next few months

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