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| The most appealing thing for me about Va-11 Hall-A the game's approach to the Cyberpunk setting. Everyone still lives in a Dystopia but it doesn't focus on some gun for hire or ex-military guy that has to save the city or the world. The fact that it focuses on the daily lives of the citizens of Glitch City was the best thing for me.

Is there any other game similar to Va-11 Hall-A in this regard?

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Its's not cyberpunk and I haven't really played it, but I've heard it's pretty similar

| That's interesting, thank you! But I wish there were more cyberpunk games that focused more on the average Joe than on the gritty-gun-crazed setting everyone is going for nowadays. Not that there's something wrong with those, they can be great games too, but I feel like focusing on the average life of the characters would imbude the setting with some fresh air.

| Not really into books, but while trying to choose a book at least cyberpunk-like, I've seen only similiar settings too. Hopefully N1RV Ann-A will continue what Va-11 Hall-A started and follow the same story telling style.

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| Pretty sure Cloudpunk fits the bill. You're a delivery person for a shady company and there no combat, just driving flying cars and walkin and talkin

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It's similar to Va-11 Hall-A in a lot of aspects, so be aware of that.

| This is quite a request you've got there... You know, there aren't many GOOD cyberpunk games to begin with. Not to mention the "Slice-of-life" genre in them

| "The Last Night" should be something like this...


I bet it comes out later than N1RV-Ann-A. If it ever DOES come out.

| Blade Runner 1997 may satisfy you. Yes, you play as a blade running detective, but you can vibe at your appartment, and people in the world try living their daily lives despite harsh conditions

| 2064 ROM

| If you love sex you should try Hardcoded

| There was a vn that came out a while, Synergia or something like that?

| Cloudpunk really is the next best choice, though it still seems to have that whole "wrapped in conspiracy" rather than just surviving.

Coffee talk is good, but it isn't that cyberpunk feel. Maybe slightly inspired by Shadow run with the whole emergence of elves and such, but not that cyberpunk feel.

The Cloudpunk devs are working on a slice-of-life sim in their cyberpunk city titled Nivalis, but no release date or anything. Looking forward to it though.

| There is literally a cyberpunk bar simulator being made, which isn't Va-11 Hall-A


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