Let's talk retro

| Hey, do you guys have a favorite retro console? Retro franchise? Any games you folks would like to suggest?

| MediEvil! I loved playing it in the ps1, and I still love playing it.
But I gotta play the first! I've only played the MediEvil2 hehe

| >>785909
oh man I fucking love MediEvil!
I'm opposite to you though, I never finished 2 lol
I also thought the PSP remake was pretty good, I'd recommend checking it out too

| Tetris

| I love both 3DS and PS Vita (discontinued systems are considered to be retro so)
they are ultimate modding systems to play almost anything I like from older consoles, there is the Wii U but I don't have it so I can't say anything about it. Shame I can only emulate Dreamcast on Android.

| >>785937 Dreamcast was a really charming console, wasn't? I mean he had some ground breaking stuff when it came out, and was very unusual overall.

| PS2. It's so weird calling it retro these days but that console blew my mind with all the different quirky games coming out while having a bigger budget/presentation that the previous generation. Some games like Katamari Damacy hold up so well.

| PSP is a blast. And with a built-in native support for ps1.

| >>785993 that's my favorite system to emulate. I used emulation to replay Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker from beginning to end.

| >>785948 >>785953
This, and even the PS1 had some really interesting innovation. If it wasn't for the experimentation it's likely I would have never cared or played a video game. There truly was something captivating-cutting edge, with the focus on making a game play different from the rest.

| >>785937
I'd argue that the 3DS doesn't really count as retro yet, but it's a really great way to play quite a few retro games.

| Fave retro console is undoubtedly NES. One of my fave retro game is the Hudson's Adventure Island. That game is so addicting.

There's also this game Ninja Cat on NES that's super fun. It never got localised so only the Japanese version is available but the game is soooooo fun.

| Retro console? Something that's easy to jailbreak and sideload things, but also a one that has a decent market share of games.. That said:
NDS (I like the classic model)
PS3 (It is kinda retro, ain't it?)

No Wii on here, because these got more expensive from the PS3's, like seriously this is just awful.

| project (Zero) / Fatal Frame ^^

| DS, PSP, PS2, PS3 are retro? Wow what does retro mean tbh I almost reckoned retro to be from the 80s and 90s era.

| >>786179 anything that's got a cult, but considered outdated. X360, Wii and PS3 are getting there. They're 16-15 years old after all.

| >>786270 Hmm. I have seen the term "retro" used in pop culture in general and not just video game industry to refer to things from the 80s, so I always related the word to that era.

| >>786270 >>786307
It seems something becomes retro after 20-30 years but it's not like there are any hard rules or anything.

But I doubt you can enter a retro gaming store or arcade hall and expect collections of PS3 and 360 games.

| We all think 80's 90's when talking retro but, we all forget that was like 30/40 years ago, a lot of things got old as well, I mean, we are currently at PS5, calling PS3 retro it's not a stretch I think, each generation last what? 8 years on average? So we are talking what in here? 16 years give or take?

| I have a commodore 64 which I used like, four or five times

| >>786352 Wrong thread friend, we meant retro not jurassic, we should create a new thread for that.

| I play xpiratez, Doom (usually 2 on gzdoom with custom WADs) and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on a PS1 emulator...
You're making me feel older than I actually am, help

| This thread is a good reminder that we g/u/rls are becoming grandmas.

| >>786383 Become robot girl, escape the cycle of flesh and decay.

Also on topic the megadrive was goat.

| >>786388 I want to be a YorHa model like 2B. Megadrive was great and all but I think snes was better overall, it's library was simply better overall in my view, but megadrive had it's gems.

| >>786388 *Obligatory Warhammer quote*
From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine. Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you.
But I am already saved. For the Machine is Immortal.

| >>786420 I never played Warhammer but they are ugly and all, Nier androids on the other hand are cute.

| >>786433 Oh I know, I personally wouldn't mind being an ugly android, but damn the nier ones are hot

| Ah! I actually have quite the collection! I really like StarFox 64!

| >>786627 Nintendo 64 was a gem, I miss mine greatly, Majoras Mask was the first game I played in it, my jaw went to the flow back then, first time seeing a 3D game, it blew my child mind.

| >>786627 I miss Star Fox 64! The voice over and branching climactic stages blew my young mind.

| Is PSP retro? Because it was SOOO underrated. It had an amazing JRPG library and really good fighting game library too.

| >>786713 It is, and I played some on emulators. It was pretty good indeed.

| I love Mario World as much as the next guy but, I feel like Mario Bros 3 don't receive as much love and I don't get it, it is just as good, let's face it.

| >>786728
Mario 3 is slightly better imo.

| >>786730 The highlight of World was Yoshi which 3 lacks, but I really loved the level design, theme levels and power ups from 3 that World lacks, but I won't lie the general map that World had instead of numbered from 3 was cooler I think. Nintendo should launch a Mario with 2D grafics mixing Mario 3 and World, that would be great. Have you played the E-reader levels for the GBA mario 3 remake?

| >>786737
I haven't played those levels. Are they any good? I usually play the game on my original NES but I might emulate the GBA version to try them out.

SMB3s level design is why it's my favorite mario game and while it doesn't have something fun like Yoshi it still has that ultra green shoe in that one level, lol.

| >>786744 Yes, they are great, they have some Mario 2 vegetable throwing mechanics, some Mario World Power ups, and I believe they have a new green show level if memory serves me right. https://cdromance.com/gba-roms/super-mario-advance-4-super-mario-bros-3-palette-e-reader-levels-hack/

| Coming in with last night's project: adjusted the potentiometer on my friend's Saturn so it would read discs again, flashed PseudoKai onto a cart, and started burning games to discs so we can play Saturn games without emulation or forking over paychecks for authentics.

Gonna be playing a lot of Saturn games for the next few days.

| >>786804 I always wanted to play some saturn but, I've never found a good emulator. One of the games I wanted to play the most was the Castlevania Symphony of the Night Version of it.

| >>786808 Saturn emulation is tough. Each program has compatibility issues with different titles, and several require patching for functionality by default. Even burning discs, some games still require modification (Panzer Dragoon Saga being the most notorious). But... better than shelling out thousands of dollars.

| It is a shame that Saturn can't recognize any interface related to normal hard drive storage. That'd save you a lot of time from burning CDs.

| >>786836 Even better if managing saves was reasonable, considering how limited internal memory is

| >>786383 grandm/u/thers

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