Dark Douls II 2

| you really really did it this time fromsoft. after your last venture in antisocial uncustomizable non-replayability, your choice to branch out and remake ds2 but easier and with horses and even more twinblades seems like the logical next step, but please reconsider. you really let the fat man, RR martin, go full Eureka 7: Pocket Full of Rainbows on your beautiful lore. pearls before swine.

| Can someone give me what this anon smoked?

| >>785935 I think anon is trying to imply Elden Ring is Dark Soul 2 2 but said it in a profoundly stupid way

| >>785944 indeed, But I have to disagree with OP.
I think Elden Ring is just Dark Souls 4.

| I liked Dark Souls 2

| >>785895 Sekiro's a marvelous game. Just git gud.

>>785945 Elden Ring is a Open World RPG, that doesn't make it Dark Souls. In fact there are rumours of it being significantly easy with loads of handholding throughout and ability to summon OP NPC Phantom to do your bidding (VaatiVidya made a video about it after they he saw a 15min gameplay footage of the game which got embargoed).

| >>785951
Me too. Much better than ds3 with recycling ds1 dudes/places and it's core mechanic being who stunlocks who first.

| Are you kidding me? DS2 is the worst offender of the 3 if you talk about core mechanics. It's the jankiest of the 3, has the worst hitboxes, has areas that's full of ganks that'll stunlock you to death (Iron Passage, Cave of the Dead etc.). Has some of the worst environmental area in the series (Frigid Outskirts for e.g). Threw away inter-connectivity, which was a charm of the series.

DS2 has cool ideas but they left them all half arsed (for e.g Bonfire Ascetic).

| >>786309
Only intentional shit ds2 put on plate was ganks(which are not everywhere thank god), everything else is just an error. In ds3 they intentionally created environment where mobs are super fast and you're super slow compared to them plus entire combat is just stunlock first or die (or roll out of the range of super fast enemy for 10 secs until ai decides to make a mistake/risk and go for a parry). Shit ds2 did bad did it not intentionally mostly

| >>786309
DS2 threw away what was charm in ds1 not in the series (DeS didn't have interconnectivity). DS3 threw away what was charm in the series: build variety and variety of play paths. Do you think it's a good idea to make some builds non-viable till the complete lategame? What's the point of being severely in disadvantage in early game just to be equal to other builds (which are great at any time of the game) in late game?

| There are variety of play paths and builds in DS3. I've used numerous builds in DS3 over numerous NG+ runs. If you talk about lack of build variety, DeS(R) did it the worse. In fact the ability to respec in DS3 adds in more replayability to the game than any other because it strips away the grind to create a new build due to the other games requiring a new playthroughs. You can basically start an NG+ fully equipped with full build in DS3.


| >>786650
What are those playpaths? Kill deacons first/kill wolnir first? NG+ in ds3 after ds2 is a sick joke. Instead of adding new stuff they added +1% to every ring of the game... But it still is more replayable than ds2 bc ds3 has... Respec... Which is ds2 invention... Apparently everything og Miyazaki does makes the game genius? DS2 made these aspects better but you still mention them as DS3-only pros

| >>786650
In ds2 I can rush to any location/item/dlc if I need something for my build (it's also more fun for beginners to try and find what path they should take instead of ds3 just handholding you).

| DS2 first playthrough itself is a complete slog, the addition of more slog material in NG+ doesn't make a difference. DS2 was the game that added these aspects, but DS3 made them better. Also yes, DS3 only adds rings in NG+ runs, but the game itself is ten times more fun to get through than the whole of DS2.

Also the only reason DS2 has more playpaths is because it kicks out inter-connectivity of the world. Linearity doesn't mean bad when it's done well.

| >>786714
Only added aspect which we mentioned is respec. Now tell me how miyazaki's pale tongues are genius compared to pleb's soul vessel lol.

Linearity is done bad in ds3 tho. AT THE VERY LEAST in terms of gameplay and replayability. It was more fun finding your way in ds1 and 2 than just going forward in ds3. Miyazaki comes and handholds you through the whole game and you still praise him. DS wasn't about "oh yeah, show me a good time through your genius linear path!!!"

| Do you think you would make this statement about linearity if it wasn't Miyazaki? Don't think so. People were mad at the game for ganks and shit then on the developers bc "oh there's no miyazaki this is why this game is bad!!!". DS2 experimented and tried new fun things, while ds3 is just "oh, there's this dude from ds1, cool isn't it hehe. Oh there's anor londo *sad face*". They could easily add variety of play paths. They didn't. It's not because interconnectivity.

| With minor changes to game map they could make it less linear, more friendly to various builds and more fun to play through again. They didn't and you still call it "genius and wellmade". Fuck me, I understand that ds2 has ganks, slower and junky at some places, but calling ds3 single linear path well-made is beyond me. Almost all ds2 issues are not intentional, but you still shit on it, yet you think that ds3 shit is a yummy chocolate eventhough they made it intentionally

| >>786743
>With minor changes to game map

Name 5 examples

| >>786746
1. untended graves accessible through firelink shrine with some item (which can be found not in the lategame bc whole structure is different)
2. Small part of grand archives is accesible through lothric castle (before/after dancer but w/o a key)
3. No doll for irithyll valley (but doll is required for areas after Sulyvahn with minor lore change)
4. Road of sacrifice and undead settlment being more inter-connected (some areas of settlement can be accessed through road of

| sacrifices and vice versa).
5. Access to areas after Sulyvahn via smouldering lake or something.
Also, it's not my duty to make this list. They didn't say "create some map which references ds1 idk" and then "oh well, then our game is going to be linear". If it was like this then lol it's another genius Miyazaki move, I guess!

| >>8679dc
How does any of this help with build variety wtf? You're full of balloney.

| >>786780
Spread items around these places lol. There's no early game luck build weapon for example (if you don't want to ruin one of the quest lines (if you even know about this questline)). Add weapons, spells and spread them around the early/mid game, make gimmick weapons viable, spread them around the game. If you like single, linear path so much (bc this linear path was created by og ds father miyazaki!!!) then just make viable weapons and spread them. Undead settlement

| Could be a great place for hollow-based weapon and bunch of dark/fire spells and weapons, early game grand archives could be a great place for magic weapons and spells. It would also affect the narrative as the lower, less dangerous floors are already cleared out so you find less poweful spells compared to upper floors. More paths to take not only could solve build's problem but also make replaying the game more fun (and also playing the game for the first time too)

| There's so much great and fun possibilities to make fun, variable locations, but you still defend poor choices bc "ds2 is bad" (or at least this shit doesn't stink,as our father miyazaki is genius, his shit is superior too). Each consecutive playthrough of ds3 is just "go through 5-7 locations on auto-pilot to the items you actually need for your build to start working". In ds2 you can go to many locations to make your build worj EARLY. but it's not genius linearity of miyazaki ofc

| I don't understand how ds3 takes so little criticism for shit they intentionally/almost intentionally made bad, while ds2 did many things great and still gets only hate or half-assed "ds2 did it first, but ds3 did it better", which is not even true. DS2 is an enjoyable game, with best pvp, with more new ideas and mechanics than ds3, but somewhy people think that it's complee garbage. Just... Why? Why defend poor decisions? DS2 had a straightswords, hate them too then, or make

| each swing consume a pale tongue or smth to make it "better".

| >>786780
Also, I'm not a highly-paid map creator in a big company, and I've already came up with some ideas, imagine if someone more qualified tried to create non-linear world.

| ds2 has too many game design choices and other issues i don't like for me to call it better than ds1 or ds3, i do really like ds2 and i still think it's an absolute valid souls game to play

| My first souls experience was DS2 sotfs and I could see that there was something here but there was too much that felt unfair, I tried ds1 prepare to die edition because it was on sale and I figured it'd be a better place to learn as a beginner and had way more fun, ds3 came out and had even more fun, I'm yet to finish ds2 because of the jank hitboxes and the odd I-frames are a stat thing. Whole game just never clicked with me

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