BotW in 2021

| So, I know people have mixed opinions on this game. The people who love it absolutely love it and the people who dislike it absolutely despise it. At least from what I've seen.

But, honestly, I think this game is at a really good place rn. The community for it now in 2021 is extremely solid, and there's tons of creative stuff out there. Be it the insane speedruns and the people who are still finding new, interesting and useful glitches, to the insanely well made mods for it.

| BotW is a game I've played on and off since mid 2017. I recently revisited it again, which is how I found out and why I'm making this thread. I just think it's pretty remarkable. Even if you don't personally enjoy the game, I feel like it's hard to not be impressed by all the crazy stuff people are still doing with this game.

I guess that's what happens when a game allows for so much creativity and isn't overly polished. It's such a fascinating thing to me.

| And yes, I know BotW isn't the first or only game to have a solid community like this. I've just been delving into the depths of this game and looking up all the stuff people have done with that, and it's given me an even deeper appreciation for this game that was already so close to my heart.

What do you g/u/rls think?

| I never played it.

| Just play genshin

| geyshin

| I've not played Botw in all these years, but I still want to play it someday (I can't afford it :c )
The way you speak of the community reminds me of the Skyrim' and Minecraft's communities.
They are both extremely creative and awesome.

| >>785088 >>785097 just play casino, it's the same but at least you have a hope to win money instead of just losing it.

| >>785122
Aw. One day you'll get to play it!
And, yeah. It honestly is kinda like those communities. I mean, Nintendo doesn't really allow modding so even though there are lots of incredible mods that slightly hinders the modding community unlike those two where the companies embrace mods.
But, BotW does make up for that with glitches and exploits you can learn that basically change the whole experience of the game, which is think is a really, really fascinating.
But pretty similar!

| >people have mixed opinions
You're tripping. The game is almost universally loved. Obviously there are people who don't like it, but it just feels like there's a lot of them because they'll be inclined to voice it.

It's a genuinely good game, imo.

| >>785184
I mean, while people that completely hate it aren't super common, around when it dropped I saw the internet filled with just as many complaints as compliments for the game. Even though I think every single complaint was, like, dumb, and a lot of it probably came from the same few people or sources, or people trying to capitalise by hating on what's popular.
Maybe that's not a thing anymore though. I haven't really checked the last few years tbh.

| I have met people irl though who just straight up don't like it. Like, one of them, he played the game, but apparently hated the design and stuff. He's a very big Zelda fan too, so I knew he really wanted to like it. But, for some reason he didn't like the game design (which is such a strange thing to me as every game designer and gamedev nerd in the world universally agrees that it's genius) and thought the game as a whole was mid at best.
Maybe I'm just unlucky though.

| >>785140 it's a free game, you can beat the game with free unit.

| >>785198 yeah, and you can go to a casino and stand there not playing anything. But how many people will stand with you not playing anything?

If you think people have control over themselves with microtransactions, Tencent, Mihoyo and the many mind-exploiters companies wouldn't be as rich to make the games you play for free.

| How did this become a gacha morality discussion?

| >>785387 Ehhh??? What do you mean? I've been playing free to play games (and a lot of them with microtransactions) since I have memory as a human, and I have never expend a single cent in virtual objects/skins/cosmetics.

| >>785075 I like botw but I do also have criticism. Such as logically wise the economy of destroyed Hyrule doesn't work. Like look I get that you pick up weapons from enemies, but it doesn't make sense in game that a destroyed scattered society fighting monsters doesn't sell weapons.

Also the game is not really that wild - for example you need to find random cooking pots just to cook meals.

Game would have done better with a crafting system, building weapons from monsters parts.

| >>785511
>but it doesn't make sense in game that a destroyed scattered society fighting monsters doesn't sell weapons
...you have to fight a monster to get a weapon, which means you have to be strong enough to kill said monster (which is not a given!).
And you don't want to sell people the rope they'll use to hang you with, either. It's just the players who don't need to care.

| >>785511
I mean, sure. Personally I think a crafting system would have unnecessarily slowed down the gameplay and given you no reason to fight smart. I also think shops selling weapons would have fucked with the balance as well, because that would have made it so you either have no reason to pick up weapons because the ones you buy are so strong or you'd have no reason to buy them because they're too weak.
It wouldn't really match the design of the rest of the game I think.

| Story wise I can agree with you though. Story wise it would probably make sense for them to sell weapons. Though, every town has armed guards and stuff and the monsters kinda stay away from towns, so maybe it wouldn't be necessary. But, still. It would make sense for people to sell weapons, but, eh.

For the cooking pot thing, I think that's a good design choice tbh. Making meals on the fly would have been pretty busted, and it's not a survival game.

But, story wise, agreed.

| >>785404 then I wonder why Genshin Impact's revenue is $1,024,400,000, sure everyone who plays it also don't spend a coin on it like you, it's magic <(^u^)/*

Interestingly enough, on a kind of a side note: If we consider Botw costing $60 for 100% of its purchases, the revenue would be $1,336,800,000.

| >>785672
> why Genshin Impact's revenue is $1,024,400,000
Because some people go there with a goal to whale on every single character and/or weapon that they want to get. And there are some dolphins, too. Maybe some extra-low spenders as well, getting just a monthly pass or a handful of gacha rolls once in a blue moon.
But if you want to approach it as a purely F2P game, you can. Sure, you won't get most of the characters, and probably any 5* weapons, but you can clear all content.

| I've not yet completed BotW tbh I really love some aspects of it like the graphic style, game physics, exploration and all but absolutely despite other aspects of it like weapon breakage, korok seed grinding, mediocre dungeon designs (except guardians), fetch quests. I'm right near the end but I lost interest in it so didn't bother finishing it yet. It's been about 4 years now.

| >>785731 *despise not despite

| >>785731
Hmm. Yeah, that's actually interesting. I've heard others complain about that but never gotten it myself, so, I'll ask you.
Why do you grind korok seeds?

| >>785194
No game is made for every single person on the planet. Not clicking with a well-made game (or really loving a badly-made game) is totally normal.

Like, I can argue the things >>785731 mentioned as bad are good design, actually, but at the end it's also a matter of taste.

| >>785140 that's a poor analogy. It's more like going to a casino, but your chips are rationed per day.

I think using rental analogy is better. It's like you go to a free video game cafe but you can only play for 30 minutes if you don't pay. You can play past that, but your progression won't be saved.

On top of that, you also get the seat at the corner with cluttered desk, squeaky chair, and a controller that malfunctions every now and then.

| >>785775
Yes, I know. I just tried to explain that it's not, like, universally loved. It's received very positively, but universally loved is a bit much.

And, yes, I'm aware. I mean, there are probably some objectively good games I don't like, and I know there are definitely some objectively bad ones I like a lot.

So, like, I get. Or, well, like, I don't get it, but I get that it's a thing, and I acknowledge that. People have different tastes.

| I'm literally in front of Hyrule castle, I can't bring myself to do it. I want to start master mode already.

| >>785736 I grind Korok seeds because without it the equipment is so limited. I have to keep 1 Hammer to break ores, 1 fire weapon, 1 thunder weapon, 1 ice weapon for different enemies. And then the weapons all easily break. I've found myself run out of weapons due to how easily they break so having more weapons in inventory is a must imo shields are the same, the way they easily break but despite that they're easier to maintain due to flurry dodges.

| >>786143
Oh. I see. I guess it comes from a difference in thought process/play style then. I never think too much about what I have in my inventory, and for elemental attacks I usually stick to arrows, so I never felt a need to upgrade anything.
But if you're always carrying hammers and all types of elemental Melee weapons and stuff then I kinda get it.

| >>786148 I keep 1 Hammer, 1 weapon of each element, and then a few 2H/1H weapon for fights. I didn't farm Korok seeds at first, but I kept running out of weapons mid-way through areas so I had to farm them. Korok seed grind is one of the least fun thing I've ever done in a video game ever due to this. There are so many of them and they're so far and wide. It's one of the reason why I kept dropping Botw (I played it on and off for since release).

| I went through the vast majority of the game before realising I can use korok seeds to upgrade my slot, lol

| >>786153
Hmm. I guess I just, think differently. Like, I never really cared. Much like >>786159 I didn't even realize you could upgrade inventory space, and after I found out I only did it once. Like, I played through all the main story and tons of side stuff with my only inventory upgrade being +1 bow slot or something.
So I just get really curious when I see people talk about Korok grinding, because grinding Korok seeds isn't a thought that ever occurred to me.

| >>786184
I guess a lot of it depends on playstyle? But like, I always think of video games as finding a sweet spot between how you want to play and how the developers imagined the game is played.

I think the game is designed so that you shouldn't try to manage your inventory and just use what weapons you have. The extra space from korok seed is just a little bonus thing.

Some people might not like to play it that way, which isn't wrong! Just that the game isn't designed for it

| >>786185
Oh, yeah, I fully agree. That's essentially what I'm trying to say, but worded better. The game is made to be more, improvisational? Spontaneous? Which fits me perfectly, but probably doesn't fit some others as well. That's why I get curious.

| And of course it's not wrong! Is just different people being different people.

| >>786185 >>786186 That's true. I am the type of player who likes of manage inventory and be prepared for everything. Like I require a perfect run most of the time and I care pathetically about min-maxing everything in RPGs. It bothers me otherwise. I'm not a spontaneous person at all so I can't play a game with spontaneity at all.

| >>786306
Hmm. I honestly get it in RPGs. Some RPGs I get very into the stats and doing shit *optimally". Buy, I'm also a very spontaneous player. I love to just embrace my chaotic brain and just "see thing, do thing" until I'm somehow done with the game.

| Me not being very spontaneous is the reason why I get anxiety when I play sandbox games like Ark and Minecraft.

| >>786327
I see. That sounds annoying. So many games that would be hard to enjoy. I'm sorry.

| >>786327
Oh yeah, same here! Also, adding time management to the mix is torture for me. I get so stressed when playing Stardew Valley, Rune Factory or Atelier series because I can't think of an optimal way to play off the bat, and the constantly ticking timer makes sure I can't take my time to figure it out.

| I understand that lots of BOTW works, but personally, I just don't like it. None of the puzzles built on each other, they were almost all designed for you to hypothetically get there first. The game never let you do anything strictly NEW- once you had a horse, a good shield, one of each weapon type, and access to each element reliably, that was pretty much it. That's my problem- despite getting better as a player, I rarely felt any intrinsic progression or reward.

| >>786502 omg yes. I can't do it. ????

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