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Tell me about your favourite minecraft world

| Just tell us about it, maybe the name of the world, the memories you made in it, or even how it made you feel.

I had many worlds where I made great memories.. I can't remember them specifically.

| Back in something 1.8x, I used to invite people to a world I hosted on my computer. We'd spend an afternoon or several building stuff.
The memories of the people I invited have since faded to an extent, to my eternal shame. But the builds and the feelings associated with them remain.
I think I spent like, three weeks with this one guy building a coliseum before he disappeared mysteriously...

| One had primite L-sized house close to beach, cobblestone tower what was coming from close mine, not so far abyss where in bottom was mushroom like house and over sea leaded long train and behind it was large library hotel what was waiting for vilalgers update

| I lived on top of a mountain with a small lake it was 1.2.7 when I first bought the game, I don't think the world was anything impressive but I want that sense of wonder back

| read world as word, my fav word is diamonds

also recreation of gensokyo by touhoucraft is cool

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This thread is permanently archived