Pokemon Unite Thoughts

| Fun game. Easy to grasp, controls are good (auto-aim on abilities is a pain at times). Short matches are a plus for me. Feels pretty well-balanced. Good choices of playable pokemon.

Bloated reward system. I'll excuse the battle pass, because it's just so common now. Earning coins for new pokemon is a slow process once event rewards dwindle.

Overall, fine game. I'll play it for a few days, off and on for a few weeks potentially.

| Same

| Yeah it's fine for what it is. Nothing mind blowing but at least I can enjoy it for 10 minutes. One of the reasons I'm turned off by MOBAs is how 30-40 minute matches are so exhausting. I say that as someone who tends to prefer the brevity of fighting games.

| Repetitive.

| >>773857 moba 101

| The lack of an in-game chat system outside of pre-set callouts makes it far less stressful as well. Don't have to deal with the headache of sour players.

| >>773914
The one thing Nintendo does right is never enabling free chat in their public multiplayer games.

| >>774129 I do wish there was a "Sorry, I'm having trouble" callout. I want an apologize command.

| >>774129 Nintendo is not The Pokémon Company as much as they publish their games on Nintendo platforms, even less when Tencent is involved in the entire development (oh who would have guessed Censorship #1 in the World wouldn't allow communication yet in another Multiplayer game).

Pokemon Unite doesn't call me, is based on the less popular gamemode of LoL that got removed because of that and there is time limit, feels like a 2013 game.

| Next up: Pokemon Origin, Pokemon Odyssey, Pokemon Inifinity

| >>774254
I'm aware of that but not allowing free chat is a staple of every Nintendo-affiliated multiplayer games. With that in mind, Nintendo probably have more influence over this particular decision.

| >>774345 Most Nintendo first party games had some kind of comunication Online, even quick menu texts. The only ones that comes to my mind that don't have are Mario Maker (which actually have comments where you can type whatever) and Mario Kart games, which even with kick text wouldn't make much sense (actually it has on lobbies).

| The fact that they disable an actual chat you wouldn't even have time to type during majority of these games, makes sense, if you play some third party games on Switch you will notice almost no one types in chat because it's slooooooow without a physical keyboard. Which is a shame because then there are third party games that really need some kind of communitation but they don't (Like The Escapists 2). But that's not up to Nintendo. It's up to the devs majorly.

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