Despised Smash Characters

| Who do you hate fighting against in SSB, regardless of their playstyle?

My heart drops when I get matched against Cloud. Tough to deal with for me

| As an Ike main who loves to spam Up-B, I sure hate it when I fight someone who plays Ike and spams Up-B.

I never play competitive, tho. This is only when I play with my friends.

| Any Fire Emblem character because I always have the feeling people play them because it's Fire Emblem without actually knowing what the character does.

Bowser because every spams side-B or they die irl, making fights boring and ranged-based.

Yoshi, Mario and Mr. Game & Watch, their playstyle is so disrespectful yet when they fail they are the first ones Rage quitting.

| I mean I wouldn't have a problem with any of that if it weren't for Rage Quitting, is so infurating to play on a forced rank system that doesn't even work...

| >>773618 I know op started with regardless playstyle but I got carried away with the fury Online produces me xD.

| OP here: Also gotta add, as someone who keeps Hero in their pocket, I hate even myself while playing him. Kacrackle Slashing someone while they recover, watching their ice cube corpse fall to the depths... It's painful to witness.

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