Recommended "Undertale-like" games thread

| This is thread for those special and magic games that share the "undertale vibe"!

Please share your favourites!

| I would recommend "Everhood" is veryyy good.

| 1bitHeart

| deltarune seems pretty fun

| Omori?
Similar gameplay-wise I guess, while Everhood is closer in style - liked that one too.

| OneShot. There's no combat but it has likable characters and jokes with meta puzzle solving stuff

| Princess remedy in a world of hurt. It's free, lightweight and fun so try it if you can!

| I never played Undertale so I dunno how simmilar it is but apparantly Underhero is supposed to be simmilar and I personally really enjoyed it.

| Try Omori, its a great game with a slow start. And imo the story is even better than undertale!

| Streetfighter V

| >>773001 Oh I played it! Absolutely a lovely and heart-touching game. I did the ending where I put the sun, but Niko can't come back home... ;_;

| >>0ffd58 >>1a210b Omori! Of course I'm gonna play it! It looks awesome and creepy! I added it to my personal list!

| >>773170
Thanks you for the recommendation g/u/rl! I'll give it a check!

| >>773181 I've never heard of Underhero but I'll definitely check the game!

| >>773292 Excuse me what? Lmao

| >>773292 Street Fighter V is my favorite Undertale fan game. My favorite was when Sans Undertale and Goku pulled off a dual finisher on Terry.

| >>773484 Woah that's amazing! Lol

| moon RPG. It's actually what inspired Undertale!

The game is a PS1 game that was recently ported to Switch and localized outside of Japan. Basically you play a boy who gets transported inside a JRPG he was playing. He increases love level by returning the souls of monsters (slain by a scary armored JRPG hero) to their bodies.

Moon is obtuse, you might want to keep a guide open.

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