Steam Deck

| How are you feeling about this announcement?

I personally like the concept but I think it's too soon for expectations but if it can run things like GTA V and you can even install Windows on it, I'm really interested in it.

| I love it.

| While part of me wants to be impressed, another part of me sees this flopping. PC gamers which steam caters to usually care more about power than they do about portability - which suits a lot of more casual Nintendo fans.

Although honestly what's really making me concerned is that price tag holy shit.

| I'm planning to get one. With my job, I get deployed for a few months at a time and I don't wanna drag my tower with me across Canada. This is basically what I wanted to make for the last year to solve my problems.

| Ot has docks? Inb4 nintendo sue

| Ehhh... I already have a Switch and a decent PC, so it just seems ultimately pointless.

| I'm sceptical it can run most games properly. With the Switch at least, devs make sure their games run well on the Switch when they port to it. They don't really have an incentive to optimize their Steam games for this device.

| >>772750
If Steam Deck becomes popular I'm sure developers will optimize their games for it. It's not that much extra work to optimize your game to run well on a single setup. It's just a regular PC after all.

Eventually we will be seeing different Steam Deck tiers though, with upgrades versions and such.

| It looks cool and I think it's going to be more like a PSP, where people will buy them to have emulators and shit, instead of actual games it was made for, but, I mean, being able to carry all my fighting games with me without me carrying my whole fucking Tower and being able to use other controllers in a portable setup? I mean, yeah sure, you got my attention fam

| Also, I wished it didn't look that fucking ugly

| >>772774
$400-$650 for an emulator machine is pretty steep.

| I expect this to be at least a moderate success. PC gamers definitely care about portability, almost everyone I know that plays on PC has a switch, and before that many had a 3ds. plus, being able to emulate and having access to your entire library you've built up for years is a big deal, where on switch you have to rebuy every game u want to play portably.

| The 7" 1280 x 800px (16:10 aspect ratio) is not your friend when it comes to gaming with small text. You would want to play this device on a larger external screen. Playing the game Faster Than Light was a nightmare to play on the GPDwin.
The Steam Deck 512gb NVMe model is a better price compared to the features of the GPD Win Max, in my opinion. The only deal killer is no ethernet without the TBA Steam dock.


| I will definitely get this. Having Counter-strike and Touhou as a portable handheld is something I always wanted.

| >>59719e FTL might be fun on it as it has programmable buttons, just set one to spacebar, other to autofire, and if possible to left mouse button. Into the Breach will be fun as game already has touch friendly UI.

| >>772698 they already know this tho. That is why even if you never use the console and just salvage the parts, it pays for itself.

| >>772809 fps on handheld wtf?

| I just reserved one, the 256 g model. It's going to be a VN machine lol.

| >>772809 >>772839
FPS on handhelds are fine, but a competitive twitch shooter on a handheld against people playing with a mouse+kb is a huge handicap. Some people like it though.

Either way, I wouldn't mind being able to play some of my games in portable mode, especially outside in the shade/balcony on hot summer evenings, but the price tag is too steep imo.

| >>772858
Wait, what? I thought there were only two models. The 64gb one and the 512gb one.

| There were 3! The two you mentioned and a 256 gb one that was a great middle ground between the two. It's like the 512gb one but without the fancy glare proof screen.

| FPS Adventures maybe is acceptable when someone really want.. but on consoles is always best to play arcades, rpg etc. "^^

| >>772809
Touhou?? I'm sorry but the idea of playing Touhou shmup with anything but a keyboard makes me shudder

| People are forgetting, switch is only for gamers. Steam deck is general purpose, not just for games. Also lol "if you want X you have to wait for dock" no you don't. Just get any USB peripheral like Ethernet card, USB hub, etc. It's called freedom. I know it's foreign to console plebs

| >>772923
>Steam deck is general purpose, not just for games
You sure about that? Because seems like it's pretty optimized for games. You might as well get a laptop or a tablet if you want a general purpose device.

| >>772957 SteamOs is a Linux branch basically, so while its main function is gaming, you can clearly use it as any other computer. That it is optimized for games doesn't mean it can't do other things, gaming PCs are normally the most powerful PCs in the market, behind producer computers (which are kind of more powerful, but their power is nothing new for gaming) and usually are the best for multi-tasking (even if "gamers" don't know what a PC truly is)

| Just buy a powerfull laptop

| >>9c6ca4

| >>772736 True :)

| >>773056 or get a Steam deck that is between half and 1/3 the price of the (right now) overpriced computer market if you can't afford it right now for average gaming or you are waiting for a technology upgrade.

| >>773056
A powerful laptop isn't very portable. It's too bulky to play with in your bed, for example.

| >>773122 I have Legion-5 and had no problems while playing in bed.

It's not early 2000s, gaming laptops are just a few kg heavier than slim laptops.

| If you say "just buy a gaming laptop" then, you clearly are not the target market. Which is fine, it's not like this is taking away your laptops.

But some people prefer switch than can play other games, or a gaming laptop that they can hold like a controller, so this will be perfect for them

| isnt there already a portable steam device where you can play remotely ?

| >>773150
>a few kg heavier

This is bulky as fuck. How are you gonna hold several kg above your head for hours while simultaneously having enough free fingers and thumbs to control the game.

| >>772862 fps are for pc, not consoles.. honestly i think that would be best to play there arcades, rhythm, fighting, (j)rpg and so..

| >>773193 you probably mean Steam Boy and GPD Win

| >>773319
As I said, some people like it. I don't, and you don't, but we can't really invalidate their preferences just because ours are different.

Playing modded Skyrim on a handheld sounds really fucking comfy too.

| >>773193 Steam Link which is replaced by an app that can literally make any device do the same. But this isn't Streaming, is doing all the work without a need of a computer to be on, because, it's a computer.

>>773319 Maybe you are forgetting regular people exists and that we are 5% compared to them right? You can't just say FPS are for PC when the majority of population have been playing them on console for over 2 decades. Hell, many even play them on mobile.

| >>773327 >Hell, many even play them on mobile.
They are mentally I'll and need professional help

| >>773327 it sounds painful ;-;

| The steam deck sounds amazing
I will be able to play all my hentai rpg games on the go.

| seems good for games like celeste and stardew. it also might be nice for playing multiplayer 4X although idk if stellaris can even be used with a controller. being able to have a portable like this which can run discord or another voice chat is where it seems really clutch.

plus, it's good to see valve competing again, both with VR and this.

| I'm most excited for their work on anti cheat under Linux, finally we will be able to play games that have ran for years but eac stopped us

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