xbox360 Emulators?

| Got sick of lugging around my consoles. I got RPCS3 a nice PS3 emulator, but I'm having much more trouble finding a good xbox emulator. You g/u/rls got anything? I tried Xenia but it doesn't run any of the games I actually want to play.

| Nah, it's still to be done properly. I think even the OG Xbox emulation is still bad.

| What game do you want to play? You'd have a better luck trying to find if it has been ported to other platform or play the sequel/prequel of that game then trying to emulate it. The progress on that emu is a slow crawl.

| >>772508 what games do you want to play?

| >>772513 wait.. aren't we twins? You are having same style of thinking xd

| Xenia all the way (if there is another emulator it just doesn't work yet), there are many mods of it to for example get Sonic Unleashed 60fps with no crashes. Probably other games have their own Xenia mod too.
I know it was possible to play the GoldenEye Live version (n64 remastered) fully on Xenia, but I guess you'll need to find the right community to help you, like Xenia's reddit to get the right configurations or mods.

| Mostly I wanted to play Kameo and Fable 2 &3. I know that I could get Fable 3 on PC through amazon, but my brother had a hard time getting it to run, and I don't think I have $20 worth of a desire to play it.

| >>772625 psst, piracy on consoles is also piracy.. here is no difference in 20$ really xd

| >>772649 wait, what? I have the disk I just wanna run it on my PC. What are you talking about?

| >>772731 if you don't see paying 20$ for a game you already own piracy is on a gray zone, you could grab a backup from the Internet, that's probably what>>75bbd7 means.

| >>772731 why are you having game for x360, but not having x360?

| I heard the Xbox 360 emulator got a lot better recently

| >>772789 I have a 360 I just don't use it often anymore so its not worth having it out and taking up space and HDMI slots all the time. I am also moving a lot recently and it'd be easier to just leave it at my family home.

I did the same with Citra and PCXS2. I don't want to bring my 2ds or PS2 everywhere and risk hurting them, but I want to be able to play the games I own so I use emulators to play them on my PC.

| >>772829 honestly if you are having console best way how to run is is on native hw, and if you want play game what was also ported on pc, best version what will work on pc is pc one..

| >>772842 What you said is true. And also pointless. Of course thats the case, I was looking for alternatives, because I find keeping the consoles around inconvenient.

| Complicated way is over emulator.. but honestly idk if it's time worth, there is usually needed to read a lot forum threads and config them etc. The most is used Xenia but you can sure check also others if they didn't solved for example problems with Fable better

| Op I think at this point it'll be easier on everyone if you get a pirated PC copy of the game you want. It's not even morally bad since you already have the game and no money would be exchanged either way.

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