nickelodeon all star brawl

| hope so much for it to turn out good

| Wave dashing and rollback confirmed it's already better than ultimate for me

| Try that on my Nigel

| A skilled Patrick can beat any Danny phantom

| I don't get all the hype it got yesterday (and how it's now forgotten), this isn't the first time Nickelodeon has done a game like this (also Cartoon Network has done some before and got even less attention).
Everyone comparing it to Super Smash Bros (To be fair it looks heavily inspired more than any other try before)...
Does the hype come from the broken hopes and dreams from Smash hopers or something?

| >>772479
Personally I'm always hyped when someone who isn't Nintendo releases a platform fighter. But, that's not because I'm not happy with Smash. It's because I'm praying that the game is extremely broken so I can have the time of my life breaking it completely for a couple hours and then never play it again.

| >>772479 so here's my perspective, I haven't played smash since brawl.
Picked up ult but the lag hurts my soul and none of the characters seem to fit me

I do play rollback melee with friends (we all main low tiers for memes)

I am looking forward to a new game with similar mechanics (wavedash), brand recognition, and meta development

As long as this game feels responsive (which I expect it to) I'm excited to watch everything unfold

| It gives vibes of "what if sakuri didn't hate competitive for much of smashes existence" but I just really really think wavedashing is fun so you know

| And I don't think the hype is forgotten just like put on the back burner, after all we don't have much to chew on besides dev comments on discord and one trailer


| I dont want to see spongebob wave dashing thank you.

| >>772616 Spongebob is going to end up ripping his pants if he intends to ride any wave.

| I just wanna see patrick slap the hell out of ninja turtles

| >>772687 that made me wonder if the Shredder would be playable. Games like this are fun when there are also playable villains on it. Not just "heroes" if you get what I mean.

| I understand people are hopeful but the idea that a Nickelodeon game will be more competitive than Smash seems a bit too optimistic

| >>773003 at the end is the community who chooses if a game is competitive or not no matter if it is good or not, prove are Speedrunners, who would turn an horrible buggy mess game into something enjoyable to watch. Thanks to Discord these communities are created in seconds.
Coming from Smash fans, they'll always be dissapointed if it is not Super Smash Bros.™ Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Hopefully there are people in the world so it has it chances so it doesn't depend on 2 cats

| >>773003 to be fair they're both party games for children it's not a very far off idea

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