Va-11 hall-a Kids

| Just as a reminder for everyone, va11halla kids *an official spin-off* is actually a thing that exists!
Not sure if I can put links here but you can find it through sukeban website and itch.io.
Just played through and felt the need to tell you gurls!

| >>37a03a link plz

| I really liked the game but im too lazy to get the other endings so i feel like im misisng out

| >>3e0247 lol me too

| Just found out about it. I gotta download it later xD

| https://sukebangames.itch.io/valhallakids
Here you go g/u/urls a fun worth having ^-^

| I saw it but decided against playing it, is it any good?

Seemed too much like an OVA to me.

| It's pretty much what the description of it says, very short visual novel using va11 characters in a school scenario.
It's worth if you want more va11halla in you life even though it doesn't relate to it much.
You'll also play as Dana in the quest for the mysterious kebab!

| I played a little of it and the writing threw me off a bit since i haven't played val since release.

Reminded me of how much the intonation of the dialogue is similar to ironiclark on twitter. It's very (lol jk random, xD, rawr) but then buttoned up with something reasonable that adds to the character.

Seems like kirin is heading up nirvana so it'll be interesting to see how that changes.

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