What are you playing?

| What game are you playing and what's your thoughts on it?

I'm playing Persona 5 Royal. I was hesitant at first because I finished vanilla P5 and didn't enjoy the dungeons, but I do like the social simulation half of the game. Seriously, I would love a game dedicated to schedule management and social stats.

| I've been playing Guilty Gear Accent Core+R lately and I've been loving it. Controls are pretty responsive, the roster is cool, the sprite work and art direction are nice...

...Though the arcade is almost unfair at the final stage, that is

| I just picked up and started Travis Strikes Again; I want to finish it before Neo TWEWY is out in a couple weeks, because that'll probably last me the month between its release and No More Heroes 3.

| Elona, pretty cool

| playing Risk of Rain 2, probably my favorite rogue-like

| Nothing much. Trying to get into Alchemy Stars rn but something just isn't clicking for me there.

| >>772151
Sorry for promoting my friend's game here, but if you like the non-battle portion of modern Persona you might like this visual novel called Amplitude: https://store.steampowered.com/app/704680/AMPLITUDE_A_Visual_Novel/

That game's predecessor, Freak-Quency, also plays similarly and was released for free:

| Picked up FFXIV again after a bit hiatus. Really missed this :')

| >>772344
What DC?

| >>236f63b I was getting to sucked into that game that I had to buy the premium version so that I could not leech off the free trial anymore and stopped playing

| just beat fallout new vegas and am now working through nier:automata

for multiplayer I've sadly been getting back into for honor and rocket league

| Finally picked up UnderRail after having no time to play games whatsoever. It's really good, especially the combat. It's extremely versatile, there are millions of fun and engaging ways to kill anything that moves. What else could you ask for in a game?

| >>772389 Does UnderRail have sex in it?

| Chess

| my newest hobby is buying people raging loop and watching them play through it

| I've been playing For Honor

| >>772614 Wasn't there a warning before you start the game to not stream it or something?

| I just finish nier: replicant. I have been playing off and on monster hunter: rise and beatsaber. I have been itching to get Scarlett nexus. But I wanna hold off til it is on sale.

| Me in /d/ "^^

| Replayed Rule of Rose recently. It's genuinely aged incredibly well, better than I remembered it. Cranking all the graphics settings up in the emulator made a big difference -- by default, you can hardly even make out what's going on in half the environments, and you miss a lot.

| Raging loop is excellent. More people need to play it. Have you tried Gnosia yet?

I just finish persona 5 strikers. It's not nearly as good as the original p5 but I still had a blast with it. Battle system is really easy to cheese

| Currently playing Indivisible!
I'm loving it a lot! Idk who came up with the idea of merging Metroidvania, JRPG and fighting game into one game and make it clean as hell with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a ridiculous amount of characters that are oozing with personality, but they have my love and respect.
Sad that it's not getting the extra content that was in the works because, you know. All that shit. But, what's already there is more than enough and so much fun!

| Struggling to drag myself away from my WoW raid team. Otherwise, getting down to Pistol Whip (literally, for my poor knees).

| Currently playing halflife one and I really like it

| Almost finished with FF15. It turned out to be pretty good despite what it's lacking.

| >>773139
Please let me know of you still feel the same way once you've reached the final boss/area. By then game has become one of the most frustraying experience I've ever had (even though, like you, I loved it at the beginning.

| I got monster hunter world last week, its such a great game!

I recommend this game to anyone whos into big ass dragons and weapons. Pick it up when's on sale

| >>773198 I played the story twice through, first without any updates, next with everything. The ending city is wayyyy different in the updated version. I prefer the sparse version in the original

| >>773345
Ending city? We're talking about Indivisible, right? The one that ends with climbing the godawful mountain and fighting that godawful rhythm-based final boss?

| League of legends. No thoughts. Head empty.

| >>773371 At least the new game mode is relatively more fun than ranked

| >>773376 imagine not playing ARAM, couldn't be me
ARAM is the best gamemode, and nobody can't change my mind

| >>773198 >>773361
Hi. I'm >>773139
I just finished the game, and, well, I honestly loved it a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and I'm probably gonna start playing the NG+ later today or tomorrow.
I can see how you might get frustrated by the last section, but, as someone who loves playing hard platformers and get a lot of pleasure out of cutthroat timing based games, well, I really enjoyed the ending section as well.
Like, honestly one of the best games I've played in a long ass time.

| >>773425 I'd love to play more ARAM... if people would stop surrendering ten minutes in. Seems like a trend I didn't see much a few years back, and it's making it hard to have a good game.

| >>773538 I have t

| >>773538 I have to agree with you in that. Surrendering so much in ARAMs is also a problem for me..
back in the old days, people didn't surrender so much like now..

| >>773548 Yeah. It feels like people only consider a game enjoyable if they're on the winning side from the start. That was why I played so little ranked, and it's bled out into even the casual game mode playerbase.

I'll stick to rpg's for the time being.

| >>773440
Dang, to each their own, I suppose. I really don't dig the platforming and traversing the world was a lot of unnecessary pain. I feel like they should have put more focus on refining the combat system and adding more/smoother interaction between the characters.

Cool to see the game really does have its audience though.

| >>773596
Hmm. Yeah, you see, I actually disagree there as well. Because, the interaction between characters is very much there. You just need to learn the inputs and what the different strings do. So, idk. Again, I kind of like the challenge in that. Getting rewarded for learning how to look cool is great!
And, I mean, it's a metroidvania. If you don't enjoy that kind of traversing the world and the mix of combat and platforming then it definitely isn't very fun.
I love it though.

| I finished playing Steins;Gate a few months ago. Tied with Fate as my favourite game

| Tekken 7. The gameplay balance hase gotten better since release.

| I've been really into The Binding of Isaac since like a month now, and the game's pretty much consumed me.
I've always been a fan of 2D Zelda, and the first one on NES is actually one of my favorite games ever, so Isaac just feels like it was made for me. I love the character and item variety, and I like the difficulty level so far (even if some characters like Keeper have me completely stumped >_>)

| >>773969
I really like TBoI from a gameplay perspective, and I like the music, but dear lord that visual aesthetic/substance... Yeesh...

| Steins;Gate. I fucking love this visual novel.

| Im playing binding of isaac on switch. It's just the perfect handheld game and i really enjoy the grind

| Losing myself in the time abyss that is Civilization.

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