How use programmable buttons on mouse

| Hello ^^ i was long time having them without any use... since i'm playing cs:go first button i'm using for K (voice chat)... and since today am i started using second button for screenshooting... but i'm now thinking like... aren't exists better usage? how are you using programmable buttons on mouse? ^^

| I press them

| You g/u/rls are getting programmable buttons on your mice?

| That is animal abuse. I would never do that.

| >>771910 and what they do when you press them? ^^
>>771911 idk, me personally i'm having Roccat Kone Pure Ultra, before i had Roccat Kira
>>771915 i~ do it softly!

| >>771910 and what they do when you press them? ^^
>>771911 idk, me personally i'm having Roccat Kone Pure Ultra, before i had Roccat Kira
>>771915 i~ do it softly!

| I have like 12 buttons on my mouse but I only ever use them for FFXIV
Hotbar-based games like MMOs are the only real use case I can think of for me needing more than left click, right click, middle click, and mousewheel.

| There are mouses that comes with a software (or suggest their labeled software) in order to customize them. That your mouse have buttons doesn't mean every game's trying to find them, so you may find games where there is no way to map things to them (aka not compatible/not supported). That's where the software comes in as you can remap mouse buttons to other keys.

| I personally only use extra mouse buttons to map Discord combo keys like muting my mic, it's really useful and I don't have to worry if a game is supporting it or not.

| I use them for sprinting, ducking, melee etc. Anything that will help you in a tight spot without requiring you to move your fingers away from wasd are a godsend in fast paced shooters.

| >>771949 ohh.. i had once one cheap mouse with 12 buttons, but i didn't found use for it at end... and was relatively heavy for me xd so i changed it.. but if i was playing mmo, probably it is making sense
>>771951 this i forget to say i guess.. Roccat is having Swarm, where is possible set a lot things about mouse, under middle button i'm having one small what am i using for switching betweeen 50/2000 dpi
>>771958 this is honestly interesting use ^^

| I have a Logitech G300s with 4 extra programmable mouse buttons.

I usually have them set as the njmbers 1 2 3 and 4 for quick weapon swaps in games like Battlefield and Tarkov, and to use the items in League of Legends or the Abilities in Smite.

Then another setup is Q E mb4 mb5 so i can quickly interact with stuff or use the abilities and ultimates in games like Apex or Overwatch.

The general idea behind it is that i get to keep full control of my movement no matter what.

| I have a g502 and honestly I only ever use one to set my dpi to max to get to my second monitor quick, then mouse 3&4 because those are valid keys and you can bind them to games + they are default bound to back page and forward page in browsers

| my closer thumb button is always a special/utility/power, like ability 1 in warframe, item in enter the gungeon and flashbang in CS. the further one I sometimes use for melee, but not always. middle click I always rebind to crouch.

the mouse I use with my desktop has more buttons I could use though. it has 4 for the thumb and 3 more for the index finger!

| dunno why I'd ever program buttons when I can just tell whatever game I'm playing that m4 is my sprint key and tell discord that m5 should deafen me

| in any FPS I like to use m4 for melee and m5 for weapon swap

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