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i'm playing halo!

It is very fun to walk around the city streets of new mombasa alone :3 but also terrifying when I don't scope out an area and stumble in a pack of cloaked brutes and hunters.

| Haven't played it yet, but have it in the MCC. I'm a big Halo faggot.

| >>15a864
I was a huge halo fag as a kid. Stopped following after 4 came out, but I’ve recently had a hugejust craving to play the trilogy +odst and reach again.
The lore is cool, the artstyle is unique and generally not overdesigned, beautiful music, voiceacting, sound design is pretty decent, and game itself is quite fun. Just overall such a unique package that hasnt rly been achieved by anyone else imo. And there’s a lot more to appreciate now that I’m not a little kid anymore.

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This thread is permanently archived