| The legends were true, it actually exists

Holy shit

| I'm so damn happy

| This was of the best videogame announcements ever.

| It's gonna be dope! Hopefully a lot of GRRMs writing will make it into the final product.

| I thought I had lost the ability to feel hype for video game announcements, but this one really proved me wrong. Next year is gonna have a good start.

| >>765702
Same here. It feels like every game I've been waiting for these last few years ended up as disappointments, yet I never lost faith in Elden Ring for some reason.

| More like Dark Souls 4.

| another souls-like piece of a motherfucking shit. I didn't expect anything and yet I'm so bitterly disappointed.

| >>765721
More like Dark Souls 4 Sekiro 2 Bloodborne 2

| >>765705
Yeah. To be honest, I stopped caring about most of the games I used to be excited about even before they released. Games in general just kinda, lost their appeal for me at some point, with some very few exceptions. But this is something I'm really excited for.

It's a FromSoft game...
That's what they do...
That's like being dissapointed that the next game from The Pokémon Company is a monster collecting JRPG.

| >>765705
..what the hell were you expecting then?

| >>765740 FromSoft has been making dark fantasy RPGs since '94. It isn't 'souls like' its just made by From Soft

| >>765767
Well, I personally am disappointed that From Software still hasn't delivered Armored Core 6. And with how popular the Souls series has gotten I guess they never will.

| >>765788 Yeah thats fair, though there was never much overlap in the respective teams, its probably just easier to get money for fantasy anymore

| I'm excited, but I was expecting it to not look SO much like Dark Souls. Like I like the cool extra mobility it looks like the game is gonna have, but the graphics and art style really just look like Dark Souls 4. I'm still gonna buy it, but I was hoping it wouldn't be so similar visually.

| >>765809
Honestly, I'm kind of the opposite. I was really glad that it had that style. I thought they were gonna stop with that kinda visual style after Dark Souls ended, but it's one of my favourite styles ever so it made me really happy to see that it just looks like a fancy Dark Souls game.

| It looks okay i guess, some of the animations looked kinda awkward during open world segments. I look forward to more references to berserk.

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