What is your feelgood weapon?

| When you play a game with fighting, what is your go-to weapon/class? Always interesting to see people's answers. My personal favorite is huge fucking gauntlets, or just punching in general (kicking comes next).
Feel free to name even guns or other mechanical weapons if that's your fave. Anything goes.
(Bonus points: explain why you love it. For me it's the sheer blunt impact of massive gauntlets that just makes me orgasm)

| I love punching shit too. I'll often unequip or ignore weapons just to beat people up. Also I think revolvers are aesthetically very fucking cool looking, so whenever they're included in a game, I'll go out of my way to use them.

| Tentacles

| If I can go to fight with a shield in the game, I'm gonna use that shield. it doesn't matter what is the weapon I'm using with the shield, the most delicious thing is the shield.
Because it makes me feel like I'm kinda "inmortal" when I can drastically reduce the damage I recieve from my enemies with a beautiful tool called shield.
(And if I can use the shield to deal damage/push my enemy, I moan.)

I love shields. And that's probably why I usually end up as a Tank/Warrior class.

| It depends what kinda game I'm playing, if it's a single player RPG then I usually go for some kinda quick weapon like a short sword or gauntlets
Fighting games tho? Heavy, oversized things like hammers and anchors or in hugo's case: oversized body

| I like the dps magic/support class (mage-scout). Sure I can't wide-area heal or cast 1-hit spells, but my cast and movement speed is off the charts and I can destroy the enemy's teamwork easily and get behind them without too much trouble. Guerilla warfare is my skill

| Give me any kind of magic and we're golden. Mostly of the explosive variety, I guess. I like Megumin for a reason, okay? But really, any magic goes, even the more psionic-like stuff like the Force

If we're talking melee weapons, then probably maces or hammers, just for the sheer BONK effect of smashing through enemy defences with brute force. With shield or two-handed, both r good

As for guns, I prefer shotguns or high caliber SMGs, to shred opponents really up close and personal

| I love shields

| I've always enjoyed being the support tank kind of person, I like to play healer when I can and I use tank as a side option, in mhw I use sns because of its wild support applications.

| It's very specific, but the RE-45 in Apex Legends. If I just wanna comfort game and I'm playing that I always go for that one. It's just a little full-auto pistol that can empty a 25 round clip in, like, 1.5-2 seconds. So I can just hold button and then they hopefully die and I get free serotonin. If they don't die, well, it's fast to reload and then I just do it again and get free serotonin.

| >>765269
FPS - Mid-distance weapons with Scope, like AUG/SG
Close combat weapon - Katana
If comes to classes... I would describe myself as Assault/Support usually with some ability like flying or anything unusual, what will improve my movement or make invisible etc. xd
In RPG is usually fun casting spells and so...

What i don't like?
Shotguns, machine guns, common swords, weapons in quake etc. xd

| I kinda like knives and dagger, stab their heart, slit their throat, gouge their eyes. Bit sad that its usually underused in games, even in medieval games.

| Gladius and Buckler. I adore sword'n'board fighting, but I also love agile combat. A short sword and a small shield with a fast-paced blend of offense and defense makes me drool.
(See: Dark Souls 3's Valorheart weapon)

| I'm all into polearms. Glaives, halberds, spears, lances.. all kinds of l o n g weapons make me a verry happy g/u/rl

| When playing FPS, whatever has the biggest oompf and is not an explosive is my main pick (every M99 shot on Killing Floor 2 is orgasmic).
On melee, I tend to pick fast weapons that allow to attack and disengage quickly, but non-conventional weapons are interesting, so I also pick those, like the tonfas in Nioh.

| """Tactical""" shotguns, think Peacekeeper from Apex Legends

| also raucket laouncher

| I love flamethrowers, hearing the screams and watching the animations after a burst its hypnotising. Shame its a rare weapon and its even rarer to see it implemented well.
On melee I usually go with the one handed war hammer. And a shield, I feel naked without one.

| give me a scythe and ill be the happiest reaper g/u/rl you'll ever see

| >>766095 *giving fan made from Scythe* is this what you want?

| Two handed axes/swords and gauntlets. Shredding things with a big sharp knife, and being punchy.

| Just a good old curbstomp. Get that aggression out on some xenomorphs.

| I have a week spot for polearms, the pollaxe in particular; you don't get to play around with them all that often, so it's always a treat. When it comes to firearms tho, I'm all about the sheer pews per minute; I like the brrrt.

| Covid19, my favourite weapon.

| Admin console... Is it legitimate weapon?

| >>766361 /smite @p

| /kick >>8e7678

| In melee I usually go claymore/other 2hand or hand and a half sword

If it's a fighting game I pick the character with the most jank

| >>766537 In melee I use my two-handed sword. It is always my feelgood weapon. I love penetrating my enemies with my two-handed sword in melee combat.

| >>766542 Let me rephrase this.

Nothing feels better than sharpening my sword. I keep it sheathed in her making sure my sword is safely in a snugged area. I give lessons around the world to show my prowesness in my functional swordsmanship, sometimes it shocks me when my apprentices try to face me with hand-to-hand into hand-to-sword combat. Liquids end up getting all over their hands, because they wanted to feel if it was real or not.

| >>766545 And...

Need to make sure my 2H-sword is lubricated to it keep it durable and long lasting. With daily maintainance my sword will penetrate any surface smoothly like butter. One insertion into my victim and I will have them spilling liquids.

| I love swords.

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