Do you optimize stuff in games?

| I was surprised to find out how many people go for "optimal" gear sets and shit in games, since I never optimize shit. I just do whatever seems fun and stick with that until I succeed, even if it makes things way harder. I mean people should play games how they want, but I find it weird to try and get everything perfect. I especially don't understand looking up the optimal way to get through a situation beforehand, and just doing that. What about you g/u/rls? Do you optimize shit?

| I only optimize the performance.

| Optimizing is fun. I like figuring out how the game works and see how well I can take things with it.

But if optimizing involves grinding in an unfun way, screw that. I also occasionally ignore the optimal way if there's a weirder, more fun alternative.

I also almost never look up guides unless it's impossible to figure the game out myself, or when I'm bored and I want to hear other people's opinions.

| I try to, and fail, and stress out about it. Can't play Stardew Valley or similar games (to a slightly lesser extent in RPGs, too) without tearing my hair out, so I just don't. Although I do want to.

| Optimising is stupid. I love how people try to optimise as much as possible, then cry that the game is too easy. And games that are designed around optimisation are just boring.

| I only try to at the start cause restarting is easy then and it's kinda a good way to familiarise yourself with the game. After that I invested too much time to restart and go with the blows

| min/maxing is my kind of autism. did you know that in dark souls 1, 63 poise will allow you to take a 2h GS R1 without staggering? in that ammount of time, you will be able to get in TWO 2h R1 SS attacks and break up to 71 poise. THIS IS OPTIMISATION BAYBEEEE.

| When it comes to PvE content, i usually dont care. PvP is when the 'tism comes out

| Indirect pvp as well. such as leaderboards. Warframe did this well for a while but then Riven mods became a thing and just broke all the rules

| Another thing I saw was a guy in FFXIV found a way to get two more damage abilities in to his burst window by using an ability super early *in sync with server ticks* to get two ticks of mana back pre pull and be perfectly topped off during his burst. under almost all other circumstances he over-caps his mana

| I'll stop with the blog post here. Its just really neat to see and help find new ways to play the same game.

| In general, kinda
I optimize stuff but at a minimum, enough where it doesn't feel like needless grinding but doesn't feel like I'm going completely monkey

| I only optimize stuff in mmo games, and only if I'm going against a boss or something. Otherwise I'm running around a lvl 50 zone with lvl 20 gear lol

| I now understand why things like MOBAs are so popular. People don't know what playing a game means.

| >>765332
I really don't see the connection here, please do enlighten me.

| >>765338 People are more focused on "winning" than on playing the game as it was designed. Which explains why mobas, without any design, manage to attract many "players" because it plays on this eagerness to win

| >>765361 This is terribly constructed bait. If it is sincere, I mourn for you and your severely impacted mental development

| >>765374 Impressive counter argument

| >>765379 you already contradicted yourself and you said is fundamentally flawed in the first place. MOBAs are exactly the same concept as any other team game played for hundreds of years by the human race. its just digital. There is a concise goal and design that you are willfully ignoring. People want to win naturally. It's human. And that includes games. Your entire point is moot. I will take back the bait comment though. You did get me to reply.

| >>765381 It depends on what you consider a video game. However, the "people want to win" argument is baseless, one could equally say that it's a social construct because winning has been defined as a "proof" of quality.

However mobas aren't made to be won or played, they're made to be addictive and lucrative. Proper games aren't. When you play a narrative game, or a gameplay-focused one, you don't play to win. The game is self-sufficient, because it is made to be fun, win or not.

| It really depends on a lot of games. I go really hard on optimization in some games but not at all in others. It honestly depends on what I think is the most fun in that particular game.

| >>765393
>they're made to be addictive and lucrative.
true! that doesnt disqualify them from being games, and there is a clear win condition.
>Proper games [are] made to be fun, win or not.
this is entirely subjective. in fact, everything youve said is subjective. going back to what i said about winning: yeah, maybe it is a social constuct. but that doesnt change thousands of years of people competing recreationally. thats exactly what sports, board games, and mobas are.

| lets get back on topic now eh? maybe build optimisation in mobas?

| Optimization usually requires some specific purpose outside of general game enjoyment. I won't be optimizing my equipment or stats in most single-player games, especially if I can get through the game by focusing on something more pleasing to me (Souls-style games are a good example: I just play with whatever loadout feels best to me).

| Multiplayer games, especially hotkey MMORPG's and MOBA's, are a different story. I like to experiment a bit and find a feel that suits me, but if I'm trying to tackle difficult content: I'm gonna optimize.
Improving my gear is typically an afterthought, but rotations in stuff like Wow or XIV are part of why I enjoy the games. I take time to compare numbers and figure out optimal rotations and strategies for different situations so I can support my team better.

| I've spent years fine-tuning my rotations and skills in WoW because it's fun, and also because I play a specialization that is looked down on usually. I need to play as best as I can to keep up with the difficulty of the content I enjoy.

| It doesn't help that, when playing with random players in those situations, you're more likely to find yourself with people that are more serious and easily frustrated than you. Improving my skills helps to avoid conflicts with those people.

| If you're going to engage in pvp, you need to optimise to a certain degree. Sure, you could make a gimmick build, but the possibilities to win are reduced.

| >>765796 this is true if you assume everyone wants to win PVP as often as possible. Personally I'm content just playing a PVP game for fun, even if I'm not winning often. Of course I'd rather win, but I'm fine if I don't. That being said, I can completely understand some people's drive to optimize in PVP games. Especially in competitive scenes.

| Usually only when will game really get me and spend there more than 100 hours.. in cs:go i have set talk on mouse, own crosshair, some settings about minimap and playing like that.. but a lot games are usually having acceptable settings in default.. usually i'm setting it not that it would being bad.. only that it is more comfortable "^^
In competive games i have tendency to read guides, and improving in things where am i doing mistakes... But honestly some of them are part of mexd

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