Tales from the AI

| Any an/u/ns here have fun stories about Dungeon Ai before it went jackin it in sandiego, or other gtp engines?
>be me
>the strongest wizard
>have one spell, which summons a gun
>run out of bullets, summon a new gun
>dwarfs pick up and reverse engineer the dropped guns
>get ambushed
>start firing while yelling "DON'T SHOOT, I'M UNARMED"

| >gtp
Did a bot write this?

| >>558a03
no, a bot would never make that mistake.
OP tho....

| Where to DL GPT3 code? To have like Aidungeon offline.

| >>7ddc2d
gotta search for specific gpt3 modules or a client that downloads them for you, like KoboldAI.
beware, you need a beefy gpu if you want it to reapond moderately fast

| >>764921
Well, then I give up.

| >>7ddc2d
the rich will pay one day brother
one day

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