Sdorica is such a beautifull gacha

| I mean, the game has beautifull artstile, the characters are really cool, their personalities are well constructed and the story is really good. I don't think that I would be fascinated with this gacha, but here I am doing this apreciation post.

What do you think about this game?
And which character are your favorite? I love lio, that cute bunny boy

| used to be top 25 in WT. stopped playing sometime after Lio SP. liked the story but it was so short and there wasnt much to do outside WT and guild stuff. How is it doing now?

| I love Sdorica from what little I've played of it. It lags pretty badly on my phone though, so I didn't get to play much.

| >>764890 it's on the third season, now the name is sdorica eclipse. A lot of characters were added, new SP, MZ and some colabs with Deemo and Cytus 2

| Is there an official way to play it on pc? I don't like using mobile devices for games.

| >>765024 unfortunately no, you will need a phone emulator to play it on pc

| If only my tablet could keep up, then I'd still be playing. Later chapters were really graphic-heavy.

Have they released an optimization patch yet?

| Phone emulator is an official way to play on PC

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