Weather effects

| What are some games with your favorite weather effects? My favorites are Silent Hill 2 (fog obviously), Watch_Dogs (not a great game, but I like the rain), Max Payne (snow), and Yakuza 2/Kiwami 2 (rain).

| Raining on default ascii tileset on a game called Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

| Black Hole and Sun 2 in Blaseball, and I'm also rather fond of Salmon.... but this is probably not the kind of weather you were asking about

| >>764742 I was asking about any and all video game weather, though I guess my original post and examples were misleading

| Sandstorms in Mad Max

| >>764743
Haha, well I'm assuming you like the "look and feel" of the weathers. Blaseball's weather have large gameplay effects and are thematically interesting, but because it's a text-based game, there's not much to "look" at.

Like, with Salmon weather there's a chance that salmons will "swim upstream" and turn back time.

| >>764739 Pandora's tower - cool clouds
Minecraft - cool cloud physics, i mean.. in how many houses you can have clouds in your living room
Lego racing 2 - realistic rain
Fatal Frame 5 - rain again
Mario universe - you can fly on cloud
Wii (U) games - do you know what kind of aesthetics am i mean "^^ in cows on Wii Play, Mario Kart 8, Another Code: R..

Games from caves rd interactive - https://store.steampowered.com/curator/39220818 - super realistic it is more like reality than 3d

| Minecraft
Stardew Valley
Megaman zero series
Mother 3

| Breath of the Wild. Not because of how it looks, but its tangible effects on gameplay. I like it when different systems interact and create new moments. The AI, environments, items, etc.

| If we count both vanilla and modded weather effects, I'd say Fallout 4.
It can go to a clear day, to heavy fog, to a huge downpour, and end up with a heavy radiation-inducing storm.

| >>765152 I always play Fallout 4 with snow mods on. I go back to it around Christmas time every year. With snow it becomes surprisingly comfy for a game where everything wants to kill you

| Not sure if it counts as weather effects or just environment, but I was mindblown by snow in Assassin's Creed 3 when it had just released.

| I sometimes play a game called "Feel The Snow" and as you can guess.. Snowy weather is almost everyday and night.
But that is one of the reasons that I love this game, is very comfy. (And the soundtrack is extremely comfy and memorable)

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