Favorite moments or activities in Sky:CotL?

| Recently I've gotten my boyfriend into Sky:cotl and we've been having a blast playing together and I wanted to hear from other sky players their fun little stories with friends (and strangers) and favorite activities to do in game. So please share away! ^^

| I'm currently a solo player but I spend all my time on the game anyway xD I convinced a friend of mine to join soon tho, so I'm looking forward to that~
Other than that I'm saving up seasonal candles for Torch rn and have made it my goal to become Ikejou (even tho I'm broke and just barely out of Moth territory)
Glad to hear you're having fun together g/u/rl :D

| Ooh I got one, my girlfriend and I spent countless hours in the lost forest and valley just laying next to each other on beds and anywhere comfortable and spend hours just talking about our days and our problems, its honestly helped improve our relationship alot.

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