you g/u/rls playing smt 3?

| wanna know specially if its your first time playing

| Nope, saving my money for SMT V. Happy to see other people playing it though!

| Beat it on PS2 once on normal and once again on hard TDE. So I can wait for a few years until the price is affordable for me to replay it on PC. Hopefully, someone can mod the game so it looks better by the time I get it on steam.

| A lot of Persona fans coming to SMT... I'm scared

| I'm playing on Switch. It's my first time playing, but I'm not new to the series at all. I've just never gotten around to Nocturne despite this being the third copy of the game I've bought.

| >>764663 I started with P3 years ago. Ended up falling in love with SMT and played SMT 1-4, DDS 1&2, Raidou 1&2, Devil Survivor 1&2, Strange Journey and 3DS Soul Hacker.

It's not persona fans that you should be afraid of, it's atlus that's trying to change SMT into persona that you should look out for.

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