Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

| Any fans here? To be specific, I'm talking about the uncut Japanese version that got an english translation thanks to Project Nemo. Been playing with my Vita.

| haven't played it yet! they say it's a neon genesis evangelion tier mi dfuck. i was planning on starting with air combat for the psx.

| Air Combat's fun! It's really simple and basic when it comes content, but then again, it is the first Ace Combat game ever. Try Ace Combat 2 as well if you can since it improves on the first game in almost every way.

| Ace Combat 3 is pretty much Ghost in the Shell with planes. Production IG even worked on it.

| Really dug the shit out of that game. Didn't know the English ver cut stuff. I'll see if I can find the original

| >>764565
Yeah, English version cuts aaaaall the story

| Most shit by Namco on the PS1 is fucking awesome. I haven't gotten around to playing Electrosphere yet, but I know it'll be right up my alley. The fact that everyone says the OST sounds similar to Ridge Racer Type 4's already makes it better than most games for me.

| ace combat 3: electric boogalo

| What is the best ace combat for a low end laptop?

| I'm sure Ace Combat 1 (Air Combat), 2 and 3 can run fine with a ps1 emulator on a low end system. I'm sure you can emulate Ace Combat X and X2 easily with PPSSPP.

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