Mother 3 Translation Patch ROM

| Can you lo/v/es do me a favor?

See, I wanted to play Mother 3 with a GBA emulator in my phone, and with the newest translation patch out, I bet the gameplay will be smoother.

The thing is, there's something that needs to be done on a computer to make thr translation patch work on the Mother 3 ROM.

If I had a computer, I would've done it myself.
Can you guys help me make a Mother 3 ROM with the 1.3 translation patch?

| https://www.mediafire.com/file/xau6p0j5tta2eu4/

| Haven't check it out but if the translation is a .ups extension you can patch it only with your phone with "UniPatcher" on Google Play Store

| >>764268 holy shit, thanks a lot :>

| >>764403 I-It's not like I like you or anything, b-baka!

| Phone posters btfo'd again

| You should actually get any kind of computer OP. Anything from 2008 and later will do fine.

| Mother 3 is so fun, i probably would enjoy to have it on my phone but I'm too dumb to figure that out, it took me an hour to get it working on my pc. •~•

| >>764573 i feel sorry for you

| A phone can apply patches too you know.

| There are apps for that, and some of the emulators do it too.

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