Minecraft Servers!

| Advise me on cool Minecraft servers (both private and non-private, will accept servers from different categories)

| play singleplayer

| >>fa4908 Fuck it, no.

| What's in it for me?

| There's barely any good, at least in regards to public SMPs. They're full of SJWs and transvestites that are actually just crossdressers (cuz they're afraid to take hormones)
Idk about the big ones. Maybe it'd be better to just make small private server with retards excluded.

| >>763449
Rent free

| >>763449 this kinda.
I admire 2b2t for how old the map is.

| >>763449 These kind of posts always make the poster seem crazier than the situation they're describing without context. G/u/rl could be right for all I know, but still made my eyes go wide.

| >>763478 lol

| >>763449 even if this is true how can it affect your enjoyment of playing goddarn hunger games?

| simplicitypvp.net. played on there for about 2 years, its like 2b2t but without hacks. 10 year old map, cool stuff

| >>9ebacc Thank you.

| I need more servers! Nyahahaha!

| >>763884 haha, nice. make sure to say that "seven" sent you ;^)

| 1. Dith Java Edition
2. Play officially supported Bedrock servers, no wonder they stopped their Java support
3. Or play with friends without having to set up a server. Just click and join

If you still prefer Java
1. Ask the Danger/u/ Discord, a year ago or so some g/u/rls were setting up a server for /v/
2. If you also like Zelda try ZeldaCraft, apart from 2 survival worlds it has Zelda dungeons you can beat and get rewards and many mods. >>1.16
3. Play on Content Creator servers.

| >>764272 bedrock is flawed in redstone and in regards of playing old versions or mods. It is not good. I'd rather look for servers myself, thank you.

| >>763472 >>763478 >>763499
Minecraft trannies?

| what happened to the danger/u/ server?

| >>764632 there was never a one

| >>763449 What did the Minecraft trannies ever do to you? UWU

| >>764805 you will never be a woman

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