Game keys from humble choice

| I have some games that I think I won't play or don't have the time to, so here are some keys

Cook Serve Delicious 3: 24ZCG-239MB-5YF68
Levelhead: 23RIK-HNKCH-IY62Z
Size matters: 23I2W-RNTV9-5WN2E

Please comment which key you took for facilitation. Remeber don't take too many keys at once and leave some for other g/u/rls~

| Took Vane, thanks g/u/rl

| I claimed the Cook Serve Delicious key, thanks!

In return, I'll put up a code for Company of Heroes: G8NTA-IICVQ-EA72B

| >>06f8fc thx for coh

| >>757006 Thanks OP! Size Matters looks like a cute little rush against the clock game, so I picked that one up. Paying it forward, here's a $10 Bandcamp giftcard code, in case anyone here wants to support their fav artists. FT9B4-39N-CMDK-DS5

| Since I don't have money to give away stuff but I took two codes, I can give y'all a free profile pic comission from yours truly, pull up to my Twitter @LaPrettyDorito, mention my ID at the DM's and I will confirm you got one of two free headshots, we arrange the details after that.

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