osu! with a mouse?

| Don't think getting a tablet is in the cards for me, but the game is still pretty fun. Any tips on getting better with a mouse?

| Click on the circles

| Clicking with the keyboard (but moving with the mouse) is more reliable than mouse-clicking.

| Best way to beat the game is to not play the game at all.

| play more u will get better

| >>756464 +1
it works basically the same if you have a tablet so you may even save money

| Why with mouse? Real pro are using rat!

| >>756451
Right, how did I not think of that myself

>>756464 >>756620
That actually makes it easier indeed. Is it considered better to tap one button or alternate?

Sounds like weak quitter mentality to me

Just like that, maybe there are some things to make it easier? Like tapping on the keyboard instead of clicking with the mouse

My rat's dead, it was too mad.

| >>756646
I use one button but I don't really play advanced maps. If your map has a lot of mashing, two buttons is probably more comfortable.

| just playmore

| If you intend on playing harder maps using both buttons is a valuable skill to pick up early so you don't have to relearn your muscle memory later

| Also valuable, a wrist brace for the carpel tunnel

| Lol, you peasants are still using mouse? I play with trackpad B^)

| >>757313 Also, very good advice, I was playing mania yesterday and I might've popped something in my left wrist.

| >>756646 Alternating is "optimal" but lots of people do certain rhythm patterns with certain fingers

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