What's your comfort game?

| Prompt: Something really shitty happened within the past week, and you're trying to deal with it. What game do you pop in to cope?

OP plays DK Country 2

| Need for speed underground 2

| Risk of Rain 2

| I love sex.

| L4D, or maybe sekiro

| Dwarf Fortress. If I REALLY don't feel like using brain cells I'll play modded skyrim

| Synthetik.

| Honestly, recently it's been Apex Legends. I've been having a lot of pent up emotions lately and bad shit happening in my life, so mindless looting, pretty graphics and fast paced combat where killing people feels great has been really comforting.

| >>756120 Sekro seconded. my first playthrough was such a unique challenge. I had gotten so used to the Souls formula that 3 just felt flat to me. the following runs were just zen. the locations, the music.. i dont know how many times i fell asleep in Senpouji or the Fountainhead. even now ill just boot it up and do a couple gauntlet runs to relieve some stress

| >>756259 when I feel like this, quake 3 arena the longest yard with as many bots

| I don't think I have one honestly. I'll just boot up whatever it is I'm enjoying playing at the moment, and that would be my comfort game for the day

| >>756342
Ooh. That sounds nice. If only I had a PC rn I'd do the same.

| >>756364
You can play Q3 arena on pretty much anything nowadays. Just plug a keyboard and mouse into your phones USB port and you're good to go, or buy a raspberry pi for like €20.

| Cave Story, I love that game so much

| Darkest Dungeon

| Hotline Miami

| >>756403
I don't have any keyboard or mouse I can plug to my phone, I wouldn't want to play it on a phone screen and I'm also kinda broke atm.
I appreciate the tip though.

| Surprisingly League of Legends. Probably a reason why i got cancer. Literally. I need to stop playing that game even if it's relaxing to me. Need a new one

| I've sinkes thousands of hours into New Vegas. Nothing better than to wind down going through Old World Blues

| ROR2 and Mirror's Edge

| Kid Icarus Uprising. That game is so easy to pick up and play while making me smile for several reasons.

| Ridge Racer Type 4. Perfect for getting comfy and not thinking too much.

| Fall Guys, I just turn it on, put some podcast as background sound and let some hours go away so I don't trip myself into anxiety and depression

| >>756533
Hell yeah partner! There's nothing quite as good as another stroll through Mojave

| Fallout New Vegas

| I live in Rio de Janeiro so it feels just like home

| Sky, Children of the Light is just such a relaxing game. I play it almost everyday to unwind and have fun with my buds.

| Elona

| Elite dangerous, I don't do missions or engage in combat or anything anymore, I just go to random stars, drive on planets, fly around stations...

| >>756642 hey I play too!! Whenever I could, I leave happy messages and sit down talking to other players.

| Modded Starbound as of the moment. Being a cute fluffy moth girl just hits different.

| >>c5a3ec Whenever I play sky I tend to just lay around in the lost forest and play city of tears on my harp, it's honestly so relaxing.

| Planetoid Pioneers. I really like the fact that I can throw a couple of unprimed workshop grenades into a closed area with enemies, place a pioneer behind myself for an easy spawn, then suicide bomb the room. It's cathartic. Now instead of mentally breaking down or hurting myself in some way when my mental state is shitty, I load up Planetoid Pioneers and blow shit up instead. Healthy choices gang(?)

| >>9e368b +1

| Dark Souls 3. I've learned all the maps and items that it's become super zen for me. That or I play Morrow days again, especially if it's a rainy day

| Tetris is my comfort game. I remember reading somewhere that playing tetris is proven to help people get through trauma, it's supremely cathartic even when you're trying to play competitively

| >>756703 This was always my favorite part of Starbound too lol

| GTA 3 or Minecraft but been so backlogged that I just play new games.

| far cry 2, I just play through it over and over again until I slowly lose my sanity

| Honestly Portal. Whenever I feel like ass, I know I can turn that on and just have fun to clear my mind.

| >>756155 great choice, but not for relaxation though. You need to be alert at all times.

| Either Slay the Spire or deadcells

| Heroes of might and magic 3. I find exploring randomly generated map in this game at my own pace is quite an enjoyable experience.

| AdventureQuest

| Dead or Alive or Halo

| >>759127 AQWorlds is my guilty pleasure kind of game, didn't think it'd get mentioned anywhere.

My real comfort game is Enter the Gungeon though

| I've switched mine to Yakuza games

| dreamland.rocks

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