AI Dungeon's doomed

| >latitude implements an filter supposedly for "censoring child exploitation"
>one of the employees said if your story got flagged a human employee would check your story and see if it's cp
>meltdown ensues
>le gray hat hacker shows up
>even more meltdown ensues
>more and more people are unsubscribing everyday
>ai dungeon might close anytime soon due to lack of funding

Be ready to say goodbye to your AI Waifus.

| Latitude employees are welcome to read my futa trap stories.

| I made a story were I married my own daughter, the "Princess of Doom". They will like it, there's literally a character called the nigga who's a black monk in a cyber demonic world.

| Honestly, Ai dungeon wasn't that bad of a concept, it all really started going down around when they implemented energy to save up on costs, it was a sign of things to come. And as much as I want it to stay, everyone knows how bad latitude is at running a simple game where the main point is to let a generator copy and paste text based on your context. I started writing my own fan fiction to satisfy those needs now.

| I messed around with it while it was new. I got out quick and never saw how awful it got. What a shame. It was pretty fun. But the fun always gets ruined eventually

| >>756299
fucking kek

| It must be downloadable...

| Have any of you seen the Twitter replies? It's horrid

| >>757565 No, not yet, mind sharing some of the things you've seen? :^)

| They are a niche, borderline obscure text based "game". I mean, if you ask your typical casual Genshin player, they most likely won't know ai dungeon. So most likely soccer moms or SJW won't be demanding the censorship.

They can practically fly under the radar with CP or other degenerate content and blame the user or AI.

Even if people make the connection, at least in anime/manga sometimes the lolis can resamble IRL child. But with AI dungeon, it's just a fucking text.

| All they can do is shut up and look the other way, it's not like they are advertising it as lewd loli text generator. but no..... muh morals.

| The only good thing about Aidungeon is that it's able to do my homework and generate text for my essays. :^)

| >make a choose-your-own adventure Dungeons & Dragons game
>creeps use it to masturbate to child rape fantasies
>suprised pikachu face when it gets scrubbed

| >>757720
You see that hill? Go fuck off somewhere beyond it

| >>757721
Awwww, did the truth upset you? T_T

| >>757728
Aww, did de twuff upshet yuh?

| >>8e7aa5

| >>757734
Awwww, did the truth upset you? T_T

| >>757737 It may be the truth but now i can't do my taco shop fan fiction adventure without being afraid of a single child being mentioned.

| toddlers can consent

| >>757780
Well, every line you send you throw directly into someone elses computer. You shouldn't have expected privacy in the first place. If it didn't upset you before it shouldn't upset you now.

Literally the worst that can happen to you is some guy disinterestedly reads part of your story. Nothing else will change.

Unless you're some creep who gets offended when pedos gets called creepy, ofc.

| >>757807 not the gurl that you replied to, but do you play the game? You can't mention any number that is lower than the age of consent. So you can't go to the shop and buy 2 bars of chocolate, for example.

You think they have enough human to read any flagged stories? It's a blanket ban and it affects everyone that play the game.

| >>757922
I/They never claimed they read every flagged story? Only the ones with severe illegal conten.

So getting afraid every time a child is being mentioned in your taco story is ridiculous and an unnecessary fear. Do you understand my point now?

| >>757934 how can you mention a child in your story when the AI won't even generate anything related to children?

Again, do you even play the game, ma'am?


| All this kidfuckery aside is there a way to have AI dungeon working even after it goes bust?

| >>758218
kidfuckery has the same vibe as tomfoolery.

| >>758218

You can download an early version of AI Dungeon to your computer and run it using command prompt, iirc. Unless they took that down already.

| >>758234
Yeah but the files are too thicc. I wish there was a distributed P2P content delivery network for these kinds of things. Like Zeronet but split and assigned data so you don't have to DL the whole damn thing.

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