Just found out about this game don't think many have heard of

| So I started playing this game called the witcher 3 a few days ago. I must say that it is quite the hidden gem. I'm shocked not many people have heard of it or the indie team behind it. Praise Geraldo, you should give it a try.

| Cringe jebait

| >>755558 ???

| Heard about it on an obscure brony forum. I must say it is quite good, and dare to say it deserves it's own TV show.

| Pitiful and uninteresting. Step up your game.

| Respect Op's opinions

| Needs a sequel called The Witcher 3-2

| wow, niche as hell, it's almost reminds me of this game no one else's heard of either, called mass effect. there was a trilogy too but people only remember the first game when they remember it at all.

| >>755713 quite the hidden gem indeed

| Not even VA-11 HALL-A?! shame on you

| >>755785 What's that?

| Witcher 3? It is from developers of game Harry Potter and prisoner of azkaban? Ot is really popular breaking game

| >>755847

No u dummby, witcher 3 is an unreleased tolkien story rewritten by Michael Bay for a modern audeince.

| i've heard mick gordon was working on the soundtrack, gonna check it out soon!

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