Tech Tip for NieR Replicant on PC

| Kaldaien's Mod Special K works on Replicant, you can use it to limit the FPS, auto-hide the mouse if you're playin with controller, and even fix the issues with the dualshock controllers.
There's a guide in Replicant's Steam community hub that details how to install it correctly for the game.

| Another quality port, I see. It's like the devs learned fuck all from Automata. Thankfully we have Kaldaien and other people like them, but it's a real shame we have to rely on mods to fix all the shit that shouldn't even be an issue in the first place.

| Eh? I don't have any issues with the game at all. Runs perfect for me.

| I requested a refund cause fps dips. Hopefully someone mods the 70% gpu usage limitation out of the game.

| Huh, I really hadn't heard about the tech problems, thank god I didn't have money to buy it... Shall wait to see if they fix it sooner than they're fixing Automata

| Modders are the real MVP.

I just wish I can say that because they make cool modifications, not because the actual developers aren't doing their job well.

| >>754842 but they didn't fix Automata...

| the xbox live pc version is fixed, but not steam

| >>754937 not entirely, the Game Pass versione fixed the resolution problems and some crashes, but they messed up other areas.

| Also: Update on Replicant Mods

On Kaldaien's discord there's an update to his special K mod designed specifically for the NieR remastered called Radical Replicant

It adds special input fixes, uncapped FPS without affecting gamespeed, and hudless screenshots without having to open the options each time.

Someone also posted a download link to it on Reddit, you might find that useful if you do not use Discord

| >>754923 That's why I said they're fixing it, a week or so ago I got a news in the game section, about them working on a better version of Automata for Steam, so yeah

| Anyone giving square money for this shit is a fucking retard. Loved automata, pirated, never gonna buy because they never bothered to fix it. Somehow capcom learned, if slowly, to do port games to pc right way, why would I pay same money to other japs that never make an effort?

| >>755138 to save Yoko Taro from the Van

| Because Yoko Taro is literally a cinnamon roll and already has a hard time trying to make his games, there's a reason they always joke about the next thing not doing well and them getting fired (by them I refer to him and his team lole)

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