PSP multiplayer games

| Except Monster Hunter hehe~

| For me, i usually played Dissidia Final Fantasy with friends. ^_^

| >>754259
Welp, there goes my suggestion.

| Naruto games, Lego games, Bomberman... Monster Hunter had MP too i think... Mega-Man (server with downloadable maps, it isn't mp, but is surprising that servers are still on)

| >>754259 then i recommend honster munter

| Phantasy Star Portable 2
Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Combat Ops (the multiplayer of Syphon Filter, although I think Dark Mirror also had Multiplayer)
The Three GTA games
Fighting games like Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur
Worms games
"Everybody's" sport game series
Patapon 3

| >>754376
Oh yeah, Phantasy Star Portable 2 exists. If you do go for it though, make sure to pick up Infinity specifically, it's been translated just recently. Miles better than the original 2.

| >>754418 I have been playing it, Im level 7. HunsterVerse hosts a VPN to play with other people.

| >>8da285
If you are into planes then Ace Combat Joint Assault

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