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Sony decided to not axe PS3 and Vita stores


| :DD

| i really appreciate it, its a good company move, because albeit cost money to keep up think of all the ps3 exclusive sales theyre gonna get

| They'll keep them running, sure, but they really haven't done any discounts on the vita store the past few years, and I don't see that changing. Sad!

| fuck, shouldn't have panic bought all those games. oh well, ill have something to keep me company for a long time.

| Are still closing Vita's group and messaging services?

| >>754197 which games did you get? I'm thinking of buying a PSP/PS1 game for my Vita TV

| Good.

Process to still not care because of PKGJ.

| >>754197 their moves were basically to get some income from the stores again from people like you.

| >>754197 worked just as intended :^)

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This thread is permanently archived