Just found this game called Elona

| Elona

| Is it good?

| >>754150 yes, play it please

| Is it a shooter, an rpg, a sports game?

| reeeeeeee

| >>754189 elona

| Idk why, but playing it always makes me horny...

| >>754304 as one should

| Everybody loves Shena's ass.

| Elona is super goofy but its fun. There's been multiple fan mods for it which often serve to make it even jankier than it already is.

| elona is great. if only the combat wasn't garbage

| >>755399

| >>755399 what do you mean, shit combat?

| The scaling is so radical that 99% of encounters are either a cakewalk or completely impossible. There's rarely any enemies that actually challenge you and make you change your tactics because of that. The best way to prepare for a boss fight is usually just grinding/doing something else to raise skills and get platinum, and it's quite easy to grow too fast and completely overpower the boss.

| You cannot have sex in this game. I rate Elona 0 out of 10.

| You literally can dumbass>>755411

| The melee combat is just boring and is usually done to supplement magic or gun playstyles. It basically involves running at an opponent and outmathing them, usually with some sort of buff or Jure(best girl) healing abuse if your character is new.
The prepatation for combat and planning out your character is fun. Doing RP stuff like Performing or Pickpocketing is hella fun. Gene manipulation is hilarious. But entering combat is basically a test of the math you've accumulated.

| >>755412 Alrite, I regress. 9 out of 10.

| Not to be confused with the better game LonaRPG...

| >>755479
yeah okay sicko

| >>755412
Wait you can?

| >>755729 If you get an NPC drunk by giving them an alcoholic item you can talk to them and sell your body for their gold. It trains charisma, but it has a 1 point karma penalty, which can be removed if you do the quest where you drop a nuclear bomb on Palmia. Make sure you have enough stamina to go through the entire sex sequence or else they'll give you no money and tell you to fuck off.

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