Favorite nostalgic game?

| What are your favorite games from the olden days?

| Skyrim

| Super Mario Bros., Commander Keen IV, Dangerous Dave...
Lego games...
Rayman, Sonic games.... Games from Bandai Namco... Games on PSP, Wii...

| Sengoku Rance

| Anything I played on the Wii is liable to make me cry today. Zelda Twilight Princess, Okami, Trauma Team, Mario Galaxy, even Wii Sports...

| Bomberman Hero. Most N64 games send me back

| Sonic 3 & Knuckles

| Megaman X4. The first stage is as clear as day.

| Ratchet & Clank

| FF9 and Crash Bash. Those two are the first ones that I can think of

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Dude, same. Such a shame I've lost all of my Wii games while moving out..

| Tenchu Stealth Assassins. Deus Ex HR. Driver 2, Witcher 3 etc.

| Rayman!

| Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time

| Elona

| Downhill(ps2)

| Illbleed. It's not a good game but it's so insane that it's like a new experience everytime. It makes sense how crazy Drakengard 1 is since the director of Illbleed was working on it with Yoko Taro before passing away.

| super mario bros, the only time my brother would play games with me :)) Can remember the countless times he got mad at me for dying.

| Pokemon Platinum

| Smash Melee, not because I'm a competitive player (I just go fuck around a little in Unranked slippi at much) but because it was my first videogame ever, and I just to be a dumb 5 year old Kirby main playing Melee 5 hours a day by myself... Good times...

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Mega Bomberman and Sonic 3D Blast. They remind me of times when my parents had time to play with me, xd.
Now they are all into work...


| Anyone remembers Mini Ninjas? I am relatively young and it was the first game i had a chance to play.

| StarFox 64. I still play far too much of it today, haha. I have every aspect of that game memorized, yet it's still a blast. Now *that* is good game design.

| Final Fantasy 6.
I can still sing the opera from memory.

| Halo 3

| Age of mythology, it came as a gift with our first WinXP PC and played the shit out of it as a kid

| >>edf553 hell yeah same

| >>755325 this guy gets it

| I'd like to say Zelda Majora's Mask N64, but last week it took me 3 days to set up my Wii in order to play the NTCS version (because PAL sucks 50hz ass) and I can't stop thinking about going back to the 3DS version after I 100% complete it.

| Dragon Quest V

| >>753860 seconding

Also, Super Dodgeball Advance and Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak/Olympics

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He'll yeah, now that's what I'm talking about.

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