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Play Skullgirls

| fighting game with amazing mechanics, world records for most animation per character, and all hand drawn babyyyyy!!! good game needs more people to play it and its still getting developed 9 years later.

| I don't like fighting games in general, but oh boy do I like Double. The design is just... woah

| I would understand this kind of post if, after 9 years since release, it having major new content or variety. Content wise it's pretty mediocre, 1 week of playing it and you have already seen everything, including DLC, story is mainstream fighting story and Arcade feels really short and anti-climatic. The game is beautiful and characters are so unique, but I would say they have so much personallity I can't feel identified with anyone.

| >1 week of playing it and you have already seen everything
It's... it's a fighting game... What are you expecting?

I mean, 1 week of playing is probably not enough to master even one character.

| >>752179 A rewarding game like Tekken or Smash for example. While since Tekken 6 there are no secret characters, there are plenty of customization plus a progressive ranking system that feels good to play just with CPU and gives you some goal outside of the basic Arcade.
Characters have so much combos and synergias between each other you learn something new even after years of playing it.

| Again why would I want to master one character if I don't care about none neither the game is interesting to me?
Fighting games are more than mastering, there has to be a point outside getting you ass kicked from the Online playerbase that have years of experience or just play cheap.
Why would I want to master a character if I can't do anything interesting with it?

| >>752205
> Why would I want to master a character if I can't do anything interesting with it?
Well, seems more like a *you* issue to me. The game's not for you, and that's okay. I don't understand why you're still going on and on about it though.

| Im already stuck in the bbcf hole, tried it for 10 hours but wont play it.

| >>752207 I exaclty said it was like that *to me* on my first comment. I didn't say I didn't like the game, I did say I don't understand why the noise around a 9 years old tiny game like if it was the revolution people tend to make it look like instead of asking for an improved modern sequel. I enjoyed my time the first week playing it years ago and that's it, I expected more and I still expect more in the future, not from the same game though.

| >>752245
As for why it's getting more attention again, it's finally getting more updates after a long while. A new character just came out and more are on the way. That might be the reason.
And it's still good and really underrated IMO. There's more depth to the characters and combos (especially with assists) than it might seem at first glance. Plus it has one of the most extensive tutorials in fighting games, although UNIST and GGXrd seem to have matched it since.

| I just can't make myself care about fightan games

| I am playing it, annie is fun to play. And I haven't master any character. I was playing dbfz but the netcode is horrible.
I love they implement rollback and hoping for strive.

| MikeZ get off the board and make a new fg

| I have a lot respect for Skullgirls and I will usually defend it, but… the game has always been boring for me. It's a game I collect and look at sprites but don't play much

| Good for porn

| >>752578 great for porn

| Already do g/u/rl, just haven't hoped in since Annie has realeased

| Arknights is better you are fucking piece of shit whos love games with one skin on all characters. Suck my dick im your dungeon master son stfu i go back to your doghouse.

| >>753064
This is the lowest quality bait I've seen this year, damn.

| >practice for 1000 hours while getting stomped the whole way so you maybe get good, still forever behind the people with decades of practice
I can't be bothered to

| >>753256 Lmao just pick a top tier

| >>753759 or pick a character outside of the meta, struggle and feel great when you finally pull off a great combo (Squigly gang)

| >>753774 you know what's up my dude ;)

| I wouldn't say it's "still being develop 9y later" cuz they stopped development many years ago, but then they suddently got back to business.
... and then MikeZ screw up and now that he is put of the picture the game REALLY is picking up. :3

Also, don't be afraid of losing. Just keep on playing! You'll kick whoever bullied you's butt at some point and it'll feel greeeeaaaat~

| >>753809 bullshit, the release party isn't over yet baby!!!

| I used to play the hell out of SG, and know a few higher up players that still do. Pretty fun game, but the community can be dogshit rather often.

| I adore the style but that's about it. To be honest I'm pretty shit at fighting games so I've probably only spent an hour or two attempting to play it.

| Cerebella best girl.

| >>754709
Now this is actually based.

| >>754001 but I wasn't lying. Game stopped development... and after many years they started again, with now newer characters xD

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