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gba/gbc emulation

| dunno if i should have gone to /tech with this but can you g/u/rls recommend any good gba and/or gbc emulators for android? bonus points if free and i wouldn't have to fing a hack

| RetroArch

| >>751441 ty!

| The john gba lite and the john gbac lite have both worked perfectly for me and ive been using them for years

| Don't know about other emulators, but MyBoy! and MyOldBoy! are really great, been using them for 8 years now and they are perfect, plus you can play Multiplayer with others via Bluetooth or in the same Wifi and even have more than 1 instances running to play it in the same device (perfect for Pokémon trading), there is also a shader pack you can download from the maker to play with a bilinear filter and things like that.

| >>751524 I don't remember what the free version had, I think the only limitation was not being able to use custom layouts and fastforward, but I mean the emulator is old enough to just search anywhere for it's APK as you would on the app store, but whatever are your priorities.

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This thread is permanently archived